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5 trendy, sexy shoulder straps

Sometimes lingerie is just too nice to hide under your clothes. Like these sexy shoulder straps, say. We show you how to turn them into a trendy, sexy fashion accessory.

5 sexy, trendy shoulder straps

Irresistible colours, seductive lace and gorgeous embroidery. Sometimes lingerie is so pretty you’d like to be able to show it off to everyone. Do you find it such a pity to have to hide it all away? We show you how to turn your bra strap into a trendy, sexy fashion accessory.

  • Fluorescent

Summer dresses that blow up in the wind and sensual necklines were invented for this flirtatious lingerie. The lace shoulder straps in cheerful neon pink or fresh fluorescent green are perfect under a summer blouse or dress with a wide neck in a soft tint. Wear the elegant straps over the shoulder or round your neck halter-style. The bright lace not only looks young and sexy, it also lightens up your skin. Lolita is a must-have this summer!

  • Hip and handsome

Like to keep things smart and sensual? You’ll love Call Me’s cool sets in sparkling Barcelona Blue or immaculate White. The subtle studs on the shoulder straps are just what you need to add some punch to your look. Wear them under a simple summer blouse or a sober top in a pure or striking colour for maximum impact.

  • Get sophisticated

Like to give a peek of your lingerie under an elegant white blouse or a stylish evening dress? Why not, indeed! As long as you keep it elegant. That’s no problem with the luxurious shoulder straps in the Aurora series: a flattering tint, a refined flower and a subtle strip of embroidery. Not at all out of place under your most stylish summer outfits!

  • Sexy embroidery

You see the sun shine in First Lady’s embroidery. You always look radiant - whether you prefer the lively shades of electric blue or the combination of fantastic red and fuchsia tints on nude. The gorgeous embroidery continues on into the fine spaghetti straps, which makes it the perfect eye-catcher under a summer dress or blouse with pretty flower pattern.

  • Sparkling evening look

For a sultry summer evening gathering you need lingerie with glamour, like Soirée in chic Café Glacé or the exquisite fuchsia tint Paradise. Stylish art deco flowers adorn your shoulder straps and the fine Swarovski stones lighten up your neckline. Dream lingerie under a gorgeous evening dress…

Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique in your neighbourhood to get the bra with sexy straps that ticks all your boxes.

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