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End your summer with a colour explosion

Not ready to give up that summer feeling yet? As it starts to turn grey outside, capture the sunshine in your lingerie drawer. The new Primadonna and Primadonna Twist Winter collection are here.

Remembering the sea breeze

Already missing the sea breeze and constant sunshine? Madison Cap Vert reminds you of the ocean and makes your tanned skin look radiant. Madison remains a classic but with a fresh, bright colour. All you need to remember the summer.

Going green

A little darker, yet oh so playful and fresh. With its subtle pattern and little bows, Crazy in Love will keep you feeling fun and flirty. A smooth bra with accents on the cup is all you need to welcome the autumn.

Pretty in Pink

Sparkling Bougainville sets the tone for winter. Its bright, pink colour lightens your skin tone and your spirits. Add some embroidered flowers to the cup and you’re unstoppable this winter.

Spicy red

Red isn’t the colour of love – and of Spain – for nothing. It’s the colour of passion and fire. The colour of Smoking. Ward off those autumn blues and fiesta on. Smoking hot!


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