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The 10 secrets behind PrimaDonna’s acclaimed fit

By now, you no doubt know that PrimaDonna is the number one lingerie brand for women who take a large cup. But did you know that virtually every part of a PrimaDonna bra is made and assembled by hand? We are delighted to tell you 10 more things you didn’t know about PrimaDonna bras.

  1. Bra test panel

    Believe it or not, a panel of women of different sizes test each and every PrimaDonna article before production. A band that pinches or a fabric that itches? All those details are ironed out before the bra is approved for manufacture.

  1. 58 different sizes

    Every woman is unique and the same goes for women with fuller breasts. With that in mind, PrimaDonna makes bras in no fewer than 58 different sizes, all the way up to I cup. So there’s a perfect fit for every woman. Including you!

  1. Check the back to make sure it’s genuine

    Sturdy cups are essential when you have full breasts, but did you know that your bra straps are at least as important? PrimaDonna straps are world-famous. Hot melting rather than stitching is used for the straps, creating a much more pleasant feel against the skin. The straps run through into the back wings, too, to give even more support. The result is a perfect U shape, which is the easiest way to tell it’s a genuine PrimaDonna bra.

  1. From east/west to front and centre

    If each of your breasts points outwards in opposite directions, they are colloquially known as the east-west boobs. PrimaDonna bras have an extra side section, which is double-layered, as are the lower cups, to lift your breasts and push them inwards. The result is beautifully rounded, centred breasts.

  1. The back is more important than the cups

    It’s not only the cups of a PrimaDonna bra that give you that quintessential sense of sturdiness. Your breasts actually get most support from the back wings. With that in mind, they are made from a very strong fabric that nevertheless feels very soft against the skin.

  1. No jabbing underwires

    There’s nothing quite as unpleasant as a sudden jab from an underwire. Happily, that’s something you are never going to experience when wearing a PrimaDonna bra. Because the underwires are sheathed in three different types of material – foam rubber, nylon and, on the outside, soft velour.

  1. All sewn up

    Three different types of thread are used to make a Deauville, which is stitched together in no fewer than 32 different places. Happily, we do all that ourselves, so no need to worry – just enjoy!

  1. Hooks and eyes discretely concealed

    The ideal bra not only makes you look like a million dollars, it’s so comfortable that it makes you feel like a million dollars too. Every detail is important, because the bra must not pinch or chafe anywhere. That’s why the fastening of every PrimaDonna bra is overlaid with a piece of stitched velour, which is soft against the skin.

  1. Just the thing for lopsided breasts

    Did you know that almost no one has perfectly symmetrical breasts? Sometimes the difference is virtually indiscernible, but a good bra can expertly smooth away asymmetrical imperfections even in more conspicuous cases. PrimaDonna achieves that with an elastic finishing ribbon along the top of the cups. Hidden behind embroidery, it ensures that the cups hug your body closely.

  2. The icon of PrimaDonna

    You might be aware that it’s popular across the globe, but did you know that a Deauville is sold somewhere on earth every two minutes? All the proof you need that the icon of PrimaDonna fits like no other bra.


Try one on for yourself to see and feel what the perfect fit does for you. Be sure to drop into your nearest specialty store, where they will be delighted to help you!

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