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He’ll love you in these sets

Like to spoil yourself and your partner on Valentine’s Day, but no idea what he actually likes? These tips are sure to help you, because scientists have proven what men find attractive in women. We tell you exactly what lingerie to wear to make his heart beat faster.



Red lingerie

We've devoted a post to it already and our premise has now been confirmed: red is the most seductive colour of them all. According to the findings of the study published in the specialist journal Personality and Social Sciences men find women more attractive when they wear bright red lipstick or red clothing. The effect of a sexy red lingerie set like Madison and A la folie in Scarlet was not measured in the study, but we strongly suspect that men love them…

Pure nature

The natural look is right on trend and it also turns out to get top marks from men. Various studies show that men prefer women who use little or no makeup. So just being yourself is not only good for your self-confidence – as we’ve being saying for a long time now – it has also been proven that men find it more attractive. So shake your hair loose and choose a lingerie set that suits your personality down to the ground – you can rest assured that he will not be able to resist you. Why not try Call Me’s subtle ethnic pattern in powerful white, Bang Bang’s smart bondage look, or the pretty flowers in solid white from Gracious or Aurora: all of them are pure designs with lots of personality.

With a smile

It’s probably no surprise, but researchers at the University of British Columbia have shown that men are more attracted to women who smile. That’s doesn't mean you have to walk around with a grin on your face all day. A genuine smile is a hundred times better, they say. And what better way to get one than by putting on the most luxurious lingerie set you can find? If you don't happen to have anything in your lingerie drawer to cheer you up, Lolita’s colourful, coquettish lace and Soirée’s trendy tattoo look are perfect for you, take our word for it. Instant happiness guaranteed.

Feminine hips

Some women dream of slender legs and hips, but most men prefer curvaceous hips. A waist to hip ratio of 7:10 is most attractive according to anthropologists from New Zealand. The message is clear – show your hips – with First Lady’s sexy briefs that emphasise your hips with brightly coloured floral embroidery, or the high briefs in the Lolita or A La Folie series that give you a gorgeous waist and follow the line of your hips perfectly.



Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique now to get the Valentine’s Day lingerie that ticks all your boxes.


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