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Buying lingerie for your lady? 5 golden tips for men!

You can’t buy love, they say. But, take it from us, every woman will appreciate a gift chosen with care. Like a lingerie set in her exact size and favourite colour, in the style that brings the best out of her figure. But how do you make sure you get her the lingerie set she’s been dreaming of? Follow our 5 tips… and win her heart for ever !


Tip 1: Get the bra size right

Before you start looking for the ideal bra and matching briefs, it would be a good idea to take a look in her lingerie drawer. That will quickly give you a good idea of what she likes and what her size is. Be sure to note down whether it’s a UK, US, European or French size, as they can differ quite significantly.

Tip 2: Push-up, underwires or balconnet?

There’s such an extensive range of different bras and briefs you may not know where to start. Here again, a quick look through her lingerie drawer could help. It would even be a good idea to sneak one of her sets out to take with you to the lingerie store, where they should certainly be able to show you similar styles. Which style looks best on her will depend on her body type. If you’d like to know more, ask your local specialty lingerie store for advice.

Tip 3: She likes these lingerie colours

You can infer her colour preferences from the lingerie she has bought for herself, but her wardrobe can also give you a lot of information. If she usually wears sober colours, she will probably prefer subtle tints like grey, dark blue, stylish black or soft natural colours. If she is more colourful in her dress, consider a seductive pink, daring orange or fiery red.

Tip 4: Sensual or plain sexy

Every woman likes to feel she’s attractive, but they don’t all take the same approach to making the most of their feminine charms. If she prefers stylish and sensual, go for lingerie with subtle colour nuances, opaque tulle, sensual embroidery or a touch of lace. Perhaps she really likes to make the most of her seductive curves. If so, choose lingerie in a transparent fabric or a bra that shows off more cleavage and a luxury G-string or sexy hotpants that reveal some bottom.

Tip 5: Play safe

If you still don’t know where to start, play safe and get her a voucher together with a small gift. Like sexy knickers that she can exchange in her favourite lingerie shop if need be. Wrapped around a gift card.


If you’d like help choosing the right lingerie or you would like to buy a gift card, find a lingerie store near to you.

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