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Looking for the dream lingerie set for Valentine’s Day? We have some tips!

If there’s one day of the year that's crying out for a sexy lingerie set it’s Valentine’s Day. To pamper yourself (and your sweetheart) or to give him the gift of love. But how do you ensure he gives you the dream set? And what lingerie should you wear to celebrate the Cupid’s feast? Find out here.

Drop some hints

Let’s be honest, it’s not incredibly likely that he’ll make for the lingerie shop for Valentine’s Day on his own accord. You need to soften him up first – nice and subtly. Ask him if he liked that set you recently saw on the PrimaDonna website or in a magazine. Or casually remark that you wouldn’t mind trying a bra in a new colour. That’s sure to get the cogs turning in his head.


Note down your bra size

While subtlety is undoubtedly a virtue, sometimes you just have to make yourself clear.

They’re not called vital statistics for nothing. And not every bra fits as well as your favourite PrimaDonna. So make sure you jot down your bra size and the name of your regular lingerie shop on a scrap of paper and lovingly pop it into his pocket. He’ll be grateful and you won’t have to make an extra trip to exchange the oversized (or undersized) bra he might otherwise buy you.

Love is… shopping for lingerie together

What could be more romantic than having your sweetheart in the fitting room with you while you try on the lingerie sets you’ve picked out together? Who knows… maybe he’s impressed enough to buy you not one but two new sets. They call it a win-win situation.

…or giving a gift voucher

You might think it’s an impersonal gift, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because rather than something sexy that maybe only he likes, you can pick out a lingerie set that makes you feel fabulous. Yes, you have to do all the legwork… but surely it’s the thought that counts?

Seductive red!

Red is the perfect Valentine’s Day colour – and it flatters both pale and dark skins. Most of the PrimaDonna classics come in sensual red: peerless Deauville, exceptional Madison, Couture with its corsetry look, even suave Oh La La and A la folie’s sexy shapewear.

Or something a little bit different?

Feminine powder tints, cheerful fluorescents and flirtatious designs with transparent lace: the new PrimaDonna and PrimaDonna Twist collections are totally seductive and they give you complete support in the large cup sizes. There’s no shortage of sexy options if you want an alternative to classic red for your Valentine’s Day lingerie!

Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique now to get the Valentine’s Day lingerie that ticks all your boxes..

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