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Five signs that your bra does not fit you anymore

A good bra can last for years. But if your body changes or you wear your favourite bra almost every day of the week year in, year out, there’ll come a time when you have to let go.

Our Lingerie Styling expert Isabelle helps you decide when that day has come. If you recognise one of these signs, it’s time to trade in your trusty old bra for a new one that gives your breasts optimal support.

1. The back wings are loose

Most of the problems that have to do with the fit of your bra will always come down to this: you're no longer wearing the right size. The back wings are the most important aspect when deciding what size you take. This is the part of the bra that gives most support. If it is horizontal against your body and it fits snugly you have the right size on. Maybe you've lost weight and your band size has changed? Or you've had your bra so long the elastic in the back wings is starting to sag? If so, the back wings will not rest as snugly against you back and your breasts will not be given enough support.

2. Your body has changed

We've just mentioned it – and this is often the undisputed reason for a poorly fitting bra: on average the body of a woman, and so also her breasts, changes around six times during her life. If you've lost weight, or put a bit on, if you've been pregnant, got a new gym membership, started a new medicine or your body has changed for some other reason, it's best that you go and have your measurements taken by a Lingerie Styling specialist. Even a minor change can mean that your bras don't fit perfectly anymore or are not as comfortable as you're used to, and so that your breasts no longer get the support they need.

3. Double-breast syndrome

When your bra is a good fit your breasts stay nicely in place as the firm fabric of the cups holds them snugly. If you have a feeling your breasts could slip out of the cups at any time when you're moving about or that the cups are open, your bra is too big. But if you have problems with 'double-breast syndrome', where the upper edge of the cups cuts into your breasts and creates unsightly rolls, you probably need a bigger size. This effect could be due to a bra with either a cup size or a band size that is too small.

4. Straps you have to keep adjusting or that keep sliding off your shoulder

Your shoulder straps help lift your breasts. Normally, you should only have to set them to the right length once. If you keep having to adjust them or they keep sliding off your shoulders, you have a problem.

5. The bra no longer fits snugly at the front

The piece of fabric between the cups - the gore - should fit snug against your breastbone. If it does not, then the cups will not fit your breasts snugly either. Basically, your bra will not give your breasts sufficient support.



Do you recognise one or more of these signs telling you that your bra needs replacing? Hurry along to your local specialty lingerie boutique to get a new bra that gives your breasts optimal support. Because the good news is that the PrimaDonna autumn collection includes some fabulous bras!

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