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5 misconceptions about shapewear

The popularity of shapewear has been growing for quite some time. Nevertheless, there are still some dissenting voices. Are you an unswerving fan of lingerie that streamlines the figure? Or do you remain unconvinced? If you’re in the latter group, it’s time to abandon those preconceived ideas of yours. We’re delighted to address the many misconceptions about today’s slim-fit slips, control briefs and other figure fixers.

MISCONCEPTION 1: Shapewear is for grandma’s

If the word ‘shapewear’ conjures up an image of your grandma in one of these stereotypical flesh-coloured corsets, you need to think again. Today’s shapewear is for anyone who dreams of a streamlined silhouette. Including young women looking for comfort and fashion.  

MISCONCEPTION 2: Shapewear just doesn't look sexy

Fine fabrics, playful lace, eye-catching details, sophisticated embroidery … At PrimaDonna we utilise all our expertise and good taste to design gorgeous lingerie every time. Often it’s so seductive and refined it’s almost a shame to have to cover it up…

MISCONCEPTION 3: Shapewear is just not comfortable

Shapewear has to be firm and supportive. But we don’t see any reason to compromise your comfort. That's why we give a great deal of attention to choosing the best design and materials for PrimaDonna figure-shaping lingerie.  

MISCONCEPTION 4: All Shapewear looks the same

The range of shapewear products just keeps growing. Bodies, control briefs, slips, body shapers… in basic black and nude tints, but also in bright, vivid colours. There’s something for every figure and every taste. Not convinced yet? Browse our shapewear range.

MISCONCEPTION 5: It’s hard to find shapewear in the larger sizes

PrimaDonna’s Perle series has body shapers and control briefs up to size 52. And shapewear is available up to size 48 in other series. Many of our bodies are available up to an F cup; if you take a larger cup we recommend combining a body without cups with your favourite bra. It’s the ideal way to make the most of your curves while getting all the support you need.         

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