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What bra best suits you?

The right lingerie does wonders for your figure. A bra tailored to your breasts brings your assets to the fore and camouflages any imperfections. PrimaDonna lines up the trendiest styles for you. Find out which one suits you best.

* Balconnet bra

Say what? A sexy style with a low neckline. Balconnets come in various forms: with vertical seam, horizontal seam, preformed cups, deeper neckline… Everyone’s fancy is tickled!

Does what? Lifts and centres your breasts. Is a little lower on the breasts to show a sexier, more elegant neckline.

For whom? For women blessed with firm full upper breasts. Show that sensual cleavage off! The ideal style for a party…


* Comfort bra

Say what? The name says it all – a bra that offers the pinnacle of comfort. There’s an extra finishing strip along the top, so the cups cover the breasts completely. The underwire is high between the breasts and by the armpit.

Does what? Lifts and gently pushes your breasts forwards. Gives extra support and covers the breasts completely.

For whom? An all-round everyday bra. The comfort bra is also ideal for ladies with less firm upper breasts or asymmetrical breasts. The high finishing strip is the perfect camouflaging trick!


* Underwired bra

Say what? The cups of the PrimaDonna underwired bra are ingeniously composed of three sections.

Does what? The sturdy cups lift the breasts, which are also centred by the side section. The high cups cover the breasts completely and create a perfectly round shape. You immediately look slimmer!

For whom? Just right for every breast type. Legendary style in terms of support and comfort!


* Seamless foam bra

Say what? You wear this smooth preformed style discretely under smooth tops and T-shirts. That's why it’s sometimes known as a T-shirt bra.

Does what? Streamlines and lifts the breasts, while remaining invisible.

For whom? Must-have for every breast type because the cups cover the breasts completely, offer optimal support and do not show under clothing: ideal for every day and every activity!


* Soft bra

Say what? The only style in the collection to come without underwires. Which in no way means you have to compromise on support or comfort!

Does what? The bra covers your breasts completely, providing soft and comfortable support.

For whom? If you need to avoid underwires (due to recent breast surgery, say) or you just don’t like them, this is the ideal style for you!


* Tulip shaped bra

Say what? An elegant balconnet bra that makes the most of your full cleavage. The tulip-shaped cups lift but also centre your breasts.

Does what? Lifts and gently pushes your breasts forwards.

For whom? Everyone who wants subtle seductive cleavage.


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