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When do you wear a matching lingerie set?

Do you wear a matching lingerie set when you have a doctor’s appointment?

Most women insist that they feel much more beautiful and sexy when they wear a bra with matching briefs, but they often don’t bother. In fact, it’s not always obvious when women will wear a matching lingerie set.

For most women, a special occasion or some quality time with your loved one is the perfect opportunity to put on their favourite lingerie set, but French women also pay particular attention to their lingerie when they have a doctor’s appointment.

A visit to the doctor is the second most important reason to wear a lingerie set for them, whereas for Belgian women it is only ranked fourth. Actually, lingerie sets in general are strikingly popular in France: 67% of French women prefer them, where just 41% of British women want matching briefs to go with their new bra.

Many women buy a set but only wear it occasionally. And yet more than 70% of women feel better when they wear a set. Which is a great reason to buy those pretty briefs next time you’re finding it hard to choose!

*Study conducted in May 2014 among 36,937 customers of specialty lingerie shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom by lingerie group Van de Velde.

Hurry along to the specialist lingerie boutique in your neighbourhood now to get the lingerie set that ticks all your boxes.

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