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Autumn lingerie trends and colours

This autumn colour is queen on the catwalks. And lingerie has also joined the party. Discover all the trendy colours here.


Trendy in your lingerie? These are the autumn must haves!

Summer is over, but no need to despair. Because this autumn colour is queen on the catwalks. And lingerie has also joined the party. These are the trends to help you brave the bleakest autumn showers and the lingerie sets that make the most of your sexy curves.

Sexy sea of flowers – Madam Butterfly Ocean

Warm blues are everywhere this autumn and we have fallen for them hook, line and sinker. Not least because they flatter every skin type. In the Madam Butterfly series we pair them with fresh touches of turquoise and a hint of aubergine. The result is Ocean, a lively deep blue sea of flowers that makes you look radiant. And that little butterfly on the bottom of the briefs – check it out! - takes the seductive quality up another notch.


Fashion statement – A la Folie in Summer Green

Fed up with grey days? Put colour into your everyday! With unbeatable A La Folie in sparkling Summer Green, say. Greener than green and more summery than summer. This is lingerie with the hip factor turned up to max. 


Trendy in blue – Madison in Topaz Blue

Did we mention that blue is right in trend this autumn? From deep and warm to gorgeously glittering, like Topaz Blue. Trendy? Check Oh so flattering for your winter complexion? Check Seductive? Check check check! Especially with these sexy lace-look checks in the Madison series. World famous for its perfect fit and truly stellar in this sparkling trendy colour.


Little black dress – Tresor in Black

A lingerie drawer without at least one classy, understated lingerie set is like a wardrobe without a little black dress. A set with an elegant cut, a comfy fit and chic slivers of lace. We called this series Trésor, a classic that has been a big hot for many seasons. This year the little black dress in your lingerie drawer comes in smart, super stylish black.


Romantic pink – Aurora in Geisha

Natural tints are always a good addition to your lingerie drawer and this autumn they are trendier than ever. It’s a great time to get yourself a beautiful nude tint. Like the soft pink romantic Geisha that Aurora comes in this autumn? Great for every complexion and perfect with this oh so feminine floral look. 


Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique now to get the trendy lingerie set that ticks all your boxes.

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