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Five times Strictly lingerie

A grand waltz, a sensual tango or a southern salsa, PrimaDonna has a lingerie set for every dance style. Feel like a night on the tiles this 29 April to celebrate International Day of Dance? Now there’s nothing standing in your way. In these sets you’re all set.

Waltzing in style

The waltz is the most stylish dance style out there. It conjures up a picture of an opulent ballroom full of elegant ladies in dashing dresses. Luxury, sophistication and a smattering of sensuality. Which pretty much sums up Duchess, the most luxurious PrimaDonna series. Its refined embroidery with glossy threads in a lace pattern creates a fine look, like a polished courtly lady gliding over the dance floor.

Tango d’ amore

Passion, low-key sensuality and a touch of mystery. The tango is the dance that most fires the imagination, just like Couture’s sexy black lingerie. Inspired by the fifties corsetry look, with peek-a-boo lace and a seductive cut. Or A la folie’s subtly see-though bras and briefs in powerful black or fiery red, which also create a gorgeous silhouette. The ideal lingerie for a warm-blooded tango d’amore.

Let’s do the twist

A lively twist demands similarly exuberant lingerie. Shake your hips in Happiness, lingerie that makes you feel good, just like the tunes they were twisting to back then. With vintage prints in Lolly Blue and Sunshine, two colours fresh from a sixties ice-cream parlour. Twistin’ time is here!

Southern salsa

Salsa is a classic you never grow tired of, which describes Madison very well too. The crisp, sensual combination of checks and lacework in fiery Scarlet, exhilarating Vanilla or fresh White make Madison just perfect for a summer fiesta.

Romantic slow dance

A smooching slow dance is the ultimate romantic favourite that never goes out of fashion. It deserves a fabulously feminine lingerie set, with fine details and elegant embroidery, don’t you think? Pure Tamise, with its classy vintage look, has a timeless, stylish image that fits this intimate dance down to the ground.

Be sure to step out to your local specialty lingerie shop to choose the lingerie that best fits your dance style.

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