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The secret of Deauville, PrimaDonna’s star

Every two minutes, somewhere in the world someone buys a Deauville bra. The secret of that success is now finally revealed…

In true luxury, every detail counts.

A bra will only fit perfectly if every single part is just right. For instance, the shoulder straps on the Deauville are hot melted rather than stitched, because that feels nicer against the skin.

The underwires are covered with three types of material to ensure they never jab into the skin and thanks to a soft layer of velour at the fastening you barely feel the hooks.

And that's not all, because in every bra we use three types of thread, each suited to a different way of stitching. And no fewer than 32 different stitches are used to ensure sturdy seams between all the various parts of a Deauville bra.

Attention to detail and comfort is the essence of PrimaDonna. Why settle for less than first class.

The ultimate solution for 'challenging' breasts

Do you have lopsided breasts? Or do you have trouble finding the right bra for some other reason? Nine times out of ten the lingerie specialist will recommend a Deauville bra. When it comes to support, uplift and comfort, there's nothing better. Thanks to its ingenious design, it centres and lifts your breasts, creating the perfect shape and form. And all that up to an I cup!

Tailored palette

You want to be able to wear the best bra in your lingerie drawer with absolutely anything. Which is why Deauville comes in four colours that flatter your skin in winter and summer, and go with all sorts of clothing. Natural is always gentle against your skin, white is a refreshing classic, black a sexy basic, and Caffe Latte is a chic nude you simply cannot do without.

Deauville bras are also regularly released in tempting trendy colours. In the summer collection it was the turn of Fifties Pink, an adorable fresh-faced tint, and now it's in shops in refined Bleu Bijou, finished with glamorous Swarovski crystals.

Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique now to get the Deauville bra that ticks all your boxes.

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