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Trend: show off your bra!

We’re sure you noticed this summer: those transparent blouses and tops cut low under the arms and at the back. And of course the brightly-coloured bras worn under them. We help you get ahead of this breaking trend.

Stylish diner outfit

Looking forward to an evening out at a hot restaurant or a trendy café? A hip see-through blouse over a plain dark bra always makes just the right impression. A black peekaboo blouse with Madison in Majestic Purple is a tad daring but thoroughly chic.

Party time

If you’re off to a party or a club, choose a blouse with a low-cut back. Sensual and totally hip together with a pretty yet unstated bra in a striking colour. In Oh La La’s graphical print or Darling’s trompe-l’oeil lace print you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Summer’s here

Vivid colours and revealing outfits are par for the course when parading along pavement cafés. Go for a bright top cut low under the arms over a bra in a muted tint, like Oh La La in Alice Blue or Black. Or turn heads in an embroidered bra with highlight colours – like Belleville in grey with soft pink or purple with fuchsia – under a top in a subtle tint.

Street style

Self-assured fashionistas go for colour, low-cut underarms and extreme contrasts. How about Madison in shocking purple under a fluorescent yellow blouse? Or try Oh La La in Miss Cherry, a wine red, under an emerald top (emerald is the in colour of 2013). You’re sure to find a combination that comes straight from a fashion magazine.

Hurry along to your local specialty lingerie boutique to get the best bra for under your see-through top.

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