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Got a hot first date? Here are Myla’s tips for a successful outfit and lingerie.

Even if you know your partner quite well, choosing the right outfit for a dinner date can be tough. So what about when it’s a first date. Dress or trousers? Cleavage or rollneck? High heels or comfy sneakers? We asked Myla for her tips for a successful date outfit and lingerie.

Your favourite outfit

“I think the best choice is a comfy outfit you feel good in. Especially if you’ve arranged to go for a drink or catch a movie. Personally I feel most comfortable in my black jeans. I wouldn’t really ever put a dress on, even for dinner. It would seem like I was trying too hard to impress and that’s the last thing I want.” (laughs)

Sexy and sophisticated

“On the face of it jeans seem fairly casual, but when I go out I might wear high-heeled boots or pumps with them, say. That looks a lot smarter. I might wear an elegant silk blouse over that. It can be a touch transparent for a sexy touch, as long as it looks stylish. On a date you can tease a little bit.”

Lingerie that brings the best out of you

“Basically the rules for your outfit also apply to lingerie: go for a set that fits perfectly and you feel most comfortable in. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who exudes self-confidence. So under my casual outfit I might wear a Delight set in in Summer Rose. A little bit transparent, but not overly so, with a feminine lace look that is nevertheless playful and sweet. That really is the kind of lingerie that makes me feel fabulously feminine and sexy.”

Hurry along to a specialty lingerie boutique in your neighbourhood to find the Delight set that fits you perfectly.

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