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Myla’s favourite set of the month

Every month the face of Ode to Curves, Myla Dalbesio, selects her favourite PrimaDonna set. This month it’s Delight in Rivièra Blue.

Delight in Rivièra Blue

“These sets are made for me”

Myla Dalbesio, the face of PrimaDonna’s Ode to Curves campaign, knows exactly what lingerie will bring the best out of her body and give her breasts the best possible support. Every month she reveals which PrimaDonna collection set is her personal favourite and why. This month it’s Delight in Rivièra Blue. “That elegant lace look, the fresh colour, in this lingerie I feel every inch a woman.”

The story behind Delight

“When I saw Delight for the first time I fell in love instantly. This is genuinely the kind of lingerie I want to try on immediately if I see it in a lingerie store. There’s also a remarkable story behind these sets, because PrimaDonna brought them out in 2015 to mark its 150th anniversary. For a century and a half PrimaDonna has been refining its styles and its designers work on lingerie that looks fresh and trendy, which you notice as soon as you put these sets on. They support my breasts perfectly, they are extremely comfortable and they flatter my body. I feel so attractive when I’m wearing a PrimaDonna set and Delight is pretty much the icing on the cake.”

Dreams of summer

“Delight first came out in a chic dark tint with mat golden accents, which I fell for immediately. But I think I might like the new summer colours even more. Rivièra Blue, a fresh sky blue, is especially made for me. I love that combination of classy embroidery with a lace look and that girlish colour. I feel every inch a woman in a set like that and it gets me dreaming of summer. Perfect!”

Everyday luxury

“So when would I wear my Delight series? To be honest, I could wear it every day. It fits like a glove and goes with virtually all my outfits. I wear a lot of silk blouses, for instance, which I really like to leave casually unbuttoned at the top to give an occasional glimpse of those elegant straps. I even feel more beautiful and sexy when I'm wearing a simple blouse and jeans, because of this lingerie. Fabulous!” 

Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique in your neighbourhood to find the Delight set that fits you perfectly.

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