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Myla’s ideal beach outfit

Elegant, trendy and comfortable. Those are the keywords describing Myla’s style. She tells you what she prefers to wear for a day’s relaxation at the beach.

They’re here at last: spring and the new swimwear collection have arrived. Now we can start dreaming of sun, sea and lazing away the day at the beach. Myla Dalbesio sets a good example by putting on her prettiest, comfiest beach outfit. Curious how she ensures she’s always stylish at the seaside? Here are her personal styling tips.

Bikini time

“For a day at the beach I always put on a bikini. It’s ideal for getting some colour on my back and tummy, it feels nice and light and you dry off more quickly after swimming or showering. Besides, in PrimaDonna bikinis you are always sure that everything is getting the right support and will stay in place. My favourite at the moment is Ocean Drive: I love that muted sporty chic and it’s easy to mix and match with other beach accessories.”

Stylish and comfy

“For me, beachwear should be pretty, light and comfortable. So I’m not a big fan of shorts. They look quite good, but when you have sand and salt sticking to your skin, they don’t exactly fit well. So I like a dress or skirt on top, as light and loose as possible. I like a slightly transparent shirt or dress, like, say, the Paradise Beach or Beverly Hills caftan, so you can see the pretty bikini underneath.”

Must-have accessories

“Rather than putting on a dress or a skirt I often tie a pareu round my neck or waist. For me, it’s the ideal beach accessory: you can get it on in seconds, you can lie on it, use it to protect certain parts of your body from the sun… I wear teen slippers under that: nothing can beat them on the beach and they always look hip. By the way, I always put a hat on when I’m catching some sun. I wear one for practical reasons, because my face gets burned very quickly when I go into the sun. I immediately turn that into a fashion statement and go for a cool beach hat that matches the rest of my outfit.”

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