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Myla’s lingerie tips for a radiant look

Being nice to your body also means: wearing the right lingerie. Myla Dalbesio – the face of our Ode to Curves campaign – tells you why.


Myla Dalbesio, the face of our Ode to Curves campaign, is happy to share her personal tips for ensuring you pick out the perfect lingerie set and feel even better about yourself. So ladies: love your curves and follow these golden tips the next time you shop for lingerie.

Know your bra size

“Just like a sweater that’s too tight and trousers that hang too loosely off the hips, poorly fitting lingerie is bad for your look. Whatever you might do to ensure you look as attractive and confident as possible, if your bra pinches at the back you won't look good in anything. That seems like a no-brainer, but some 60-70% of women wear a bra that is the wrong size. I did too, until a few years ago. I was in my early 20s before a realised I wasn’t a DD. I’d been wearing the wrong bra size for so long. Of course it was very uncomfortable, but I never understood why. Until I had a professional lingerie styling expert take my measurements: a whole world opened up for me.”

 Try different styles

“Every woman’s physique and style are different. Keep that in mind when you’re trying on lingerie. Try different styles – a balcony bra, a bra with deep cleavage, a bra with firm mousse cups - and see what you feel good in and what effect it has on your breasts. A good bra fits nicely around your breasts and lifts them up, without pinching: it holds your breasts ‘in and up’ rather than ‘in and out’, which immediately makes you look slimmer.”

Match your bra to your outfit

“Make sure that you have at least two types in your lingerie drawer: one in a basic style and one with a fancy look. That way you’ll be able to match your lingerie to your outfit. Wear your fancy bra under a chic blouse; a basic bra that shapes your breasts goes under a nice sweater. You should also try a bra with a nice colour under a white T-shirt. It looks cute!”

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