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Headaches, back pain, tummy trouble? A good bra keeps you healthy!

British physiotherapists have raised the alarm again: too many women continue to suffer from health problems because they are wearing the wrong bra or the wrong bra size. Problems range from headaches, back and neck complaints to tummy trouble and intestinal disorders. That’s exactly why at PrimaDonna we ensure our bras give the best possible support to large breasts and why we feel it is vital that women always wear the right cup size.


The perfect fit is no luxury

Shoulder straps that pinch or cups that fail to properly support your breasts are not only a source of huge discomfort, they are also bad for your health. That is the conclusion of an article in UK newspaper the Daily Mail in which British physiotherapists warn of the consequences of wearing the wrong bra. Tight straps can cause a skin rash and pinched nerves, leading to headaches. If your bra does not give your breasts sufficient support, your shoulders can start to sag. This poor posture results in back and neck problems, which in turn can even lead to tummy and intestinal disorders as the pressure is ratcheted up on your midriff. That is exactly why a perfect fit is so important to PrimaDonna. It’s not a luxury, it’s a fundamental of staying healthy.

A good bra does wonders for your body

The PrimaDonna designers not only have an eye for trends and elegant cuts. They also understand that bras need to fit perfectly too. That requires the right style, firm but comfy materials and a large amount of knowhow. They get there by testing their designs, making improvements and testing them again. For instance, PrimaDonna recently did scans on the breasts of 250 women to examine the impact of a PrimaDonna bra. As you can see in the short video we made based on these scans, large breasts have to put up with a great deal, but a PrimaDonna bra gives your breasts the very best support and ensures that your body is not overburdened.

A high-end brand alone is not enough

A good bra does wonders for your body, your posture and your figure. That said, a high-end brand alone is not enough. It’s also important to buy the right size and a style that suits your body. It’s really worthwhile getting a lingerie specialist to take your measurements and help you find the right style for you, even if you've been wearing the same bra size for years. An estimated 70% of women wear the wrong bra size, so there’s every likelihood that you are one of them. If you’d like to avoid health problems, hurry along to your local specialty lingerie boutique for a bra that gives your breasts the support they deserve.


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