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These lingerie jewels complete your look.

The perfect cut, the right fabric, and a carefully selected jewel. Like to know how our designers selected them? We have the inside track for you…

These details make your lingerie look

Ever worn a bra with shoulder straps that pinched just a little bit or a pair of briefs with an uncomfortable seam on the buttocks? If so, you’ll know how important the details are, especially when it comes to lingerie. The PrimaDonna designers like to cross the t's and dot the i's. The perfect cut, the right fabric and a carefully selected jewel. Like to know how the jewel was chosen? We have the inside track for you…

Power look with little pistol

There’s a story behind every PrimaDonna series and it’s worked out to the very last detail. The Bang Bang sets, for instance, are inspired by the bondage trend: clean lines, sexy cuts. The designers sought a jewel with the bite to go with the naughty look. They settled on a dinky golden pistol. A reference to sexy Bond girls and the inspiration for the name of the series: Bang Bang. 


Dancing queen

Queen of the Night sets boost your confidence on a night out. Girlish pink tulle, fluorescent pink sparkles, cute bows: a guaranteed smash hit on the dance floor. The only thing missing was the dancing shoes. So the designers have added them as a jewel: shocking pink pumps for nights of fun. 

Chic broach

Lingerie design is a constant quest for balance between comfort and elegance, luxury without excess. The Soirée sets, with their subtle glossy art deco pattern, are a great example of that. To finish them appropriately the designers looked for a jewel that exuded luxury but was still sufficiently refined. They settled on a decorative bow with two Swarovski crystals, functioning as a chic broach on your eveningwear.

Fresh sparkle

The name of the series says it all: stylish embroidery motifs, a tasteful cut… out-and-out elegance. For once it was obvious what the perfect jewel was to complete the cultivated look: the most-delicate, freshest of Alpine flowers – edelweiss. Glistening elegantly, like clear morning drops of dew.


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