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The 10th of April, PrimaDonna organised a pool party in Amsterdam in collaboration with LINDA. Magazine. PrimaDonna Charlotte de Lange (better known as Enface’ DL) ( wants to share her experience with all you PrimaDonnas!

A while ago I was invited to the great Linda Pool party for PrimaDonna’s 150th anniversary in Amsterdam. I could bring someone, so I asked one of my best friends and amazing photographer Felicia Van Ham. The location looked amazing, everything was in place for a perfect day of fun, girls and beauty. I like to start my day with a healthy breakfast and this was no exception. Drinking a smoothie while getting my hair and make-up done is something I could get used to very quickly. I don’t wear nail polish that often anymore because it always looks like crap in a few hours but I love this brand, Koh nail polish really sticks and the range of colors for the summer is amazing. After we got all dolled up we were ready for the real deal: Trying out our new PrimaDonna Bikini! I for one couldn’t wait to find out what size I have once and for all. You would think I’d know by now but every time I still have to try on thousands of bras just to find the right one. Now there was an army of professionals armed with tape-measures to help us out. I don’t have to tell you how important it is to find the right size and fit. After we all had our bikini on we were ready for the workout. The one and only Arie Boomsma was our leading man during Aquagym! And yes, the bikini stayed in place during our jumping around and doing squats in the water. We had so much fun! Btw I think I’m in love with the man, don’t tell anyone! After our serious workout we had a very healthy snack and a last drink while bonding with the other ladies. That’s what I like about Amsterdam, everyone is so nice and social. I can’t wait to go back. I hope you guys all find the right PrimaDonna Bikini because Summer’s almost here!

Since I’m still working on that summer body and not bikini proof yet, I’ll post this picture instead. In a few weeks I’ll rock this gorgeous PrimaDonna Bikini like she does!

We had a wonderful time, Thanks Linda & PrimaDonna for having us!

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