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Thu, 21/06/2012 - 14:30

Nude tints – and their successors taupe hues – remain super trendy this winter. With PrimaDonna’s bestseller Deauville series in Eye Shadow and PrimaDonna Twist’s showpiece Possibly Maybe series in Pearly Pink you’ll always be sitting pretty!

Deauville in Eye Shadow: go for the wire bra (up to I cup).
The fit is unsurpassed, even if you have ‘challenging’ breasts. Try it once and you’ll never want anything else.

Possibly Maybe in Pearly Pink: pure 50s nostalgia! Shapewear that gives you that Marilyn Monroe hourglass figure and gorgeous foam bras up to G cup that fit like a dream. The only problem is choosing!

Whizz along to your nearest specialty lingerie shop to try them both!

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