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Can they go in the washer or should I hand-wash everything? What temperature should I wash lingerie at? Should I sort by color or throw everything in together? Can my favorite bra go in the dryer? Help! PrimaDonna to the rescue! Keep reading for answers to these questions. Our experts are happy to share their experience with you. Discover our detailed care guide for lingerie and swimwear.

Our care instructions: How to wash your bikini

Most women only wear a bikini a few weeks a year. Unfortunately, exposure to sunlight, swimming pool chemicals, sunscreen, sweat, and seawater can wreak havoc on your favorite swimsuit or bikini. The result: Faded colors and areas of wear and tear. Help! What’s the best way to care for your swimwear? PrimaDonna answers your burning questions. 

Six washing questions: How to wash your lingerie

When you think about lingerie, soft, delicate fabrics such as satin and lace come to mind. These fabrics need care and attention. How do you wash delicate briefs? And how do you make sure your bra keeps its shape and lasts as long as possible? PrimaDonna answers the six most frequently asked questions. 

Step-by-step plan: How to wash your bras

Bras, we wear them every day (with the possible exception of Sunday). Yet many women wonder: What’s the best way to wash lingerie? This is a very good question, dear readers. PrimaDonna bras are made from high-quality and sustainable materials that require the right care and attention. Hand-washing is always the best option, but it’s not always possible. That’s why we've created a step-by-step guide for safely machine-washing your lingerie! 

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