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Lingerie styling guide

How many bras should I own? Which bra do I wear when? Our experts answer your questions below. All women should invest in a few good bras that make up the foundation of every lingerie drawer. Think: a black bra, a nude bra, a strapless bra, etc. Like clothing, lingerie is subject to the latest trends. So add a super-stylish bra to your collection of basics. Check out our style tips below! Check, check, check!

Eight types of bras: Which style suits you best?

Balcony, bralette and full coverage: what are the different bra styles? And what do they do for your breasts? Bras come in all shapes and sizes. Their main job is to support your breasts, but different styles can have different effects on your look. Keep reading to get an overview of the different bra styles.

How to wear shapewear

Many women wear shaping lingerie. Kim Kardashian recently revealed an unusual habit: She wears two shaping briefs at the same time to create the desired effect. If breathing is important to you, we don’t recommend doubling up on your shapewear. What should you do? There's only one rule to keep in mind: Wear the right kind of shapewear for your body. Otherwise you won't achieve the effect you're after. Our tips and tricks can help you find the perfect lingerie. 

Shop our bikinis and swimsuits in your favorite lingerie fit

Find your favorite lingerie fit in our swimwear collection. Our bikinis and swimsuits offer the same comfort and support. Could you use some extra confidence at the beach? PrimaDonna Swim will make you feel proud of your feminine curves. Stylish, trendy, and with the same unrivalled support for larger cup sizes. Find your perfect fit and get ready for a carefree summer.

The lace bra: A modern twist on a lingerie classic

A lace bra is extremely versatile. It's timeless: Lace will never go out of style. It’s elegant: Lace is sensual and feminine. It’s classic: Lace is always a good choice and looks good on everyone. Are you wearing an open-back dress? A hint of lace creates a feminine and flirty effect. Feel free to show it off! How do you do this in an elegant and tasteful way? Experiment with your lace lingerie with our seven styling tips

What kinds of briefs are there and which style best suits your body?

Rio briefs, high-waisted briefs, hot pants, and shorts: what are the different brief styles? And what’s the difference? Some briefs offer more coverage, some sit higher at the waist, and some have a shaping effect. Different briefs have different styling effects and offer different levels of comfort. Keep reading for an overview of the most common styles.

The secret to invisible briefs

An important presentation. A first date. A gym session. Your wedding day! There are times when you really don't want your lingerie to show. But how do you find the right lingerie that's invisible under your outfit? Do you have to buy special underwear? Or is it about choosing the right color? And what about seamless lingerie? PrimaDonna has the answer to these frequently asked questions. In this blog post, we reveal our top three tips for picking invisible lingerie. Keep reading to find your favorite invisible briefs! 

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