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Lingerie for a night out? Dance the night away with the right support!

Lots of girl talk and some serious dancing: Nothing beats a night out with your BFFs. And with the right support for fuller breasts, you're sure to have a great night. Your stunning party dress will look even better with gorgeous lingerie that gives your breasts the support they need. Plus, with a supportive bra you can dance the night away in comfort and style. A night of dancing can be pretty intense, especially if you have larger breasts. When you dance and jump around, your breasts move with you. And if you're not wearing the right bra, this can get pretty painful after a while.

As important as it is to wear a sturdy and supportive sports bra when you work out, it's equally important to wear a bra with the right fit and support on a night out. A good bra is also a great way to feel ultra-feminine and confident!

Aren't supportive bras for larger cup size boring and plain?

When you think of a supportive bra for larger cup sizes, beige, boring, stiff, and safe may come to mind. If forced to choose between a traditional high-support bra for larger cup sizes and the sultry sets your smaller-breasted friends wear, your choice is no doubt easily made. Thanks to PrimaDonna, you no longer have to sacrifice fun and style for comfort and support. We've made it our mission to create lingerie that combines an impeccable fit for larger cup sizes with flirty, trendy, and feminine looks. We hide the technical ingenuity inside our bras to ensure that the outside is simply stunning. In our PrimaDonna Lab, we are constantly developing new ways to translate the latest trends into comfortable lingerie for larger cup sizes. From elegant bralettes to sumptuous lace and flirty triangle styles, all of our bras are supremely comfortable and offer unrivalled support for larger cup sizes.

The best lingerie for a night out: Our tips for larger cup sizes

Did you know that the average cup size is getting bigger? Fuller breasts are nothing to feel uncomfortable or ashamed about. In fact, you should be proud of your curves and show them off in a set that is feminine and offers the right support. This is our favorite party lingerie for larger cup sizes.

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I Do: Trendy styles with lots of retro lace

A longline bralette with cool nineties lace and a smooth strapless bra that fits perfectly under your favorite strapless tops and dresses. I Do has it all! Trendy lingerie with the right support for larger cup sizes!

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Madison: A power look with trendy checks and lace

This lingerie icon owes its popularity to the unique PrimaDonna combination of a superior fit and a trendy look. Our tip for a night on the dance floor? The longline bra with a plunging neckline for a feminine and super-comfy look!

Looking for more party lingerie for larger cup sizes?

Each season we release a new collection inspired by the latest fashion and lingerie trends. Discover them online or at a lingerie boutique near you. To find out which stylish sets will give you the best support on your next night out, book a professional styling session with a lingerie expert!