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Uh, oh! It’s workout time! What bra should I wear?

Are you a gym rat? Yes! From running to cycling to strength training, it's all possible in a gym. These days, you can even work out in front of your TV or in your backyard. Do you love a good tutorial, app, or podcast? Great! Exercising is healthy, assuming you're wearing the right clothes: A sports bra, sports briefs, and workout leggings. When you move, your breasts move with you: Up and down, front and back, and left and right. A good sports bra is a must-have.

Fitness sports bras: Protect your breasts

Running, cycling, strength training: It's all possible at the gym. When you move, your breasts move too. And therein lies the danger: Breasts don’t have a lot of muscle, so they're not able to absorb heavy shocks very well. This is where good lingerie comes in. High-quality lingerie can prevent:

  • painful breasts

  • loss of firmness

  • permanent damage to breast tissue

  • neck and back pain

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PrimaDonna’s sports bras are made from ultra-performance materials and provide extra support and comfort. Radiate confidence at the gym with a premium sports bra. Check your stunning reflection and gorgeous bosom in the mirror! Did you know our bras were specifically designed for larger cup sizes and scored the highest in scientific tests?

The perfect workout for beautiful breasts

Are you looking for exercises to help firm your breasts? Try one of these. They don't take up a lot of time, but do require some dedication.

  1. Place your hands together in front of you. Raise your elbows. Press your palms together as hard as you can for ten seconds. Relax. Repeat twenty times.

  2. Lay on your back with your legs together and your arms outstretched. Hold a weight in each hand. Slowly bring your arms together until the weights touch in front of you. Exhale as you raise your arms and inhale as you lower them. Repeat several times.

  3. Swimming is the best way to strengthen your chest muscles, with the butterfly and breaststroke being the most efficient.

Good luck!

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Running, cycling, or fitness? A good sports bra is key!

From now on, your sports bra is your best workout buddy. Your partner in crime when you hit the trails on your mountain bike. Your high five when you run that extra mile. Your imaginary fan when you give it your all on the cross-trainer. Whichever sport you prefer, your PrimaDonna bra will support you to the fullest!

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