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How to prevent cups from digging in

We’ve all been there. You spot a gorgeous bra in the store that you love, but it’s not available in your size. So you stuff yourself into a smaller cup size, figuring you can get away with loosening the straps and the band. Wrong! One look in the fitting room mirror and it’s clear: The cups are effectively dissecting your breasts and creating the dreaded quadriboob.

Help! My bra’s too tight!

Quadriboob is the perfect word to describe the effects of a bra that's too small. Your breasts are effectively dissected, creating the illusion of four breasts. There's spillage at the top (and sometimes the sides too), creating an unflattering silhouette. Quadriboob becomes even more obvious under fitted tops, blouses, and T-shirts. Instead of a lovely, round shape you have four distinct lumps. You can clearly see the outline of the cups through your top. You can feel it too! Your bra is too tight and very uncomfortable.

The wrong size can cause cups to dig in

The wrong cup size is a common fit issue for women with larger breasts. To prevent cups from digging in, try sizing up. For example, if you usually wear an 80DD, try an 80E and see if that gives you some more breathing room. A lot of women with larger breasts underestimate their cup size. They buy bras that are too small, when really they should be going up a cup size or two. Studies have shown that up to 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. If you have larger breasts, the band provides the majority of the support, not the straps. Instead of going down a cup size and up in the band size (which will cause the band to ride up), try going up a cup size or two and going down a band size.

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How to find the perfect bra

Cup sizes can differ across brands. You may have to size up or down considerably depending on the brand. The style (balcony, push-up, triangle) also affects the fit of a bra. If you’re not sure what size or style suits your larger breasts, stop by a lingerie store for advice. Lingerie stylists can tell you exactly which size and style fits your figure. A bra that fits perfectly can do wonders for your look and your confidence.

Want to check the fit of your bra? Stand in front of the mirror, turn sideways, and check whether there’s any spillage on the top or sides of your bra. The edge of the cups should follow the curve of your breasts.

Remember: Perfectly symmetrical breasts don’t exist. For the most comfortable fit with no spillage or quadriboob, base your cup size on your largest breast. Make sure the cups don't gape. If your breasts don’t fill the entire cup, choose a different size or a different style. The key to finding the perfect bra is to try on different styles and different sizes!

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