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Everything you need to know about your first bra

The right time for your first bra differs from girl to girl and has nothing to do with age. Every girl develops at her own pace. You’ll know it's time for your first bra when you notice subtle changes in your body. You may start to feel uncomfortable without a bra; for example, because your breasts may be noticeable through your shirt. Or your breasts may start to hurt when you exercise or run without a bra. This is your body’s way of telling you your breasts could use some support. It's time to give them the support they need so that you can move and exercise comfortably.

The first step when shopping for a new bra

When it's time for your first bra, the first step is to figure out your bra size. This may seem complicated (and admittedly, the numbers and letters look a bit like a secret code), but a little help can go a long way. All you need to determine your bra size is a measuring tape and some help from your mom or a trusted friend. Even better: Stop by your local lingerie store to get professionally measured. For breasts that are still growing and changing, the expert advice of a lingerie stylist can be invaluable. She can tell you exactly which size, style, and support you need.

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If you feel a bit uncomfortable asking for intimate advice from someone you don't know?

Keep in mind that our lingerie experts help dozens of women and girls every day in their search for the perfect bra. They know that every body is different and have years of experience finding the right bra for the right size, shape, and style. Feel free to invite your mom, your sister, or your best friend to your styling session and make it a fun girls’ day out!

Tips for buying your first bra

When shopping for your first bra, you want to find something that feels good, looks good, and makes you feel confident. You should also keep in mind that your breasts are still developing and will continue to grow and change. This can make them extra-sensitive to certain fabrics and styles. Choose a bra that feels 100% comfortable in a style that provides you with the support you need. A good rule of thumb is: The larger your breasts, the more support you need. Comfort and style always go hand in hand at PrimaDonna, The better the fit, the more confident you’ll feel in your new bra.

If you're unsure about the style, the size, or the fit, feel free to ask the lingerie expert for help. Don’t be like 80% of women who wear the wrong bra size! Ask for help and leave with a bra that fits like a dream.

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