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Eight types of bras: Which style suits you best?

If you have fuller breasts, you may wonder which bra style best suits your shape. At PrimaDonna, we have dozens of styles designed to flatter and support larger cup sizes. We are always looking to create stylish bras that offer the best fit for fuller breasts. We translate lingerie trends such as airy bralettes and strapless or bandeau bras into bras that fit like a dream and look elegant on women with a larger cup size. You can't go wrong with a high-quality bra that offers sturdy support for your larger cup size! All of our bra styles have their own function and effect. Below are the most common bra styles and their features.

PD - Blog - 8 styles - Full cup bras

1. Full-cup bras

  • One of the most comfortable styles for women with a larger cup size.
  • The cups lift and center the breasts and offer full coverage.
  • The straps are set a bit closer together to prevent them from slipping off.
  • Full-coverage bras give your breasts extra support and create an elegant and feminine silhouette under every outfit.
PD - Blog - 8 styles - Balcony bras

2. Balcony bras

  • Balcony bras create irresistible cleavage, especially if you have larger breasts.
  • They create lift and the lower cut of the cups creates a more revealing look.
  • The horizontal lines of the cups look gorgeous under tops and dresses with a low, rounded neckline.
  • The straps are traditionally set further apart on balcony bras. PrimaDonna's balcony bras are an exception to this rule: The straps are set closer together to prevent them from slipping off.
  • Transparent lace, chic embroidery, and smooth seamless cups: The balcony bra comes in a range of styles and materials. Whichever style you prefer, all PrimaDonna bras have padded cups or sturdy tulle for extra support.
PD - Blog - 8 styles - T-shirt bras

3. T-shirt bras

  • This style was originally intended to be worn under a T-shirt, hence the name T-shirt bra.
  • The smooth and seamless finish guarantees an invisible look under fitted outfits.. That’s why this style is available in a range of neutral colors.
  • The cups are opaque and either lightly padded or lined with a breathable 3D spacer material.
  • The T-shirt bras in the PrimaDonna Twist series feature trendy prints and colors or unique straps that deserve to be seen under tops and dresses.
PD - Blog - 8 styles - Deep plunge bras

4. Deep-plunge bras

  • A deep-plunge bra is cut extra low to create stunning cleavage.
  • It looks feminine and seductive under low-cut blouses and tops.
  • The sturdy materials and ingenious pattern construction of PrimaDonna's deep-plunge bras provides the perfect amount of support and lift.
PD - Blog - 8 styles - Bralette

5. Bralettes

  • Bralettes have a light and airy look. Most do not have pre-formed cups or underwire and are made from lace or another lightweight fabric.
  • PrimaDonna's bralettes do have underwire to provide the best possible support for women with a larger cup size. The sturdy band under the cups provides additional support for fuller breasts. This bra doubles as a feminine top under a blazer or bomber jacket.
PDTW Petit Paris-FIN feature1

6. Wireless bras

  • These PrimaDonna bras have no underwire but they do provide the best support for larger cup sizes.
  • Our wireless bras have an excellent fit. Most of the support comes from the band, which is made from very sturdy materials.
  • The cups in our wireless bras feature a sturdy lining to provide comfortable lift and support for larger cup sizes.
PD - Blog - 8 styles - Strapless bras

7. Strapless bras and bandeau bras

  • A must-have under a sleeveless top or dress, these bras provide excellent support despite being strapless.
  • If you have larger breasts, opt for a high-quality bandeau bra that provides excellent support.
  • PrimaDonna's strapless bras with sturdy padded cups and elastic band and back panel provide infallible support up to a G cup.
PD - Blog - 8 styles - Sports bras

8. Sports bras

  • A sports bra is a must to prevent pain and discomfort during a workout, especially if you have a larger cup size. Find out why it's important to wear a sports bra.
  • The padded cups (with or without padding and underwire) offer sturdy support to minimize movement and prevent pain and discomfort.
  • Made from soft, breathable, and fast-drying fabrics that wick away moisture and do not chafe.