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Help, my straps are digging in!

When painful straps are a problem, you probably breathe a sigh of relief when you finally get to take off your bra at night. The red marks on your back and shoulders are physical reminders of the painful pressure you endured all day. Say goodbye to painful bra straps forever. You can find a bra that fits comfortably, supports your breasts, and boosts your confidence without having to tighten the straps.

What exactly do the straps do?

To understand what's going wrong, you have to know what bra straps can and can't do. Their job is not to lift and support your breasts, but to keep the bra in place. The band that runs under the breasts and fastens with hooks at the back should provide about 80% of the support. If the band is too loose or if it stretched out over time, your breasts won’t get the support they need. Good support is even more important when you have larger breasts.


How do you know you’re wearing the right band size?

There’s an easy way to test whether your back band is providing the right amount of support. Slip two fingers between the band and your back. If they just fit, your band is tight enough to give you the support you need.

If your band rides up at the back, it’s probably too loose and therefore isn’t providing the right support. This could also be caused by straps that are too tight. The band should lay flat and should be the same height at the front and the back. If the band is too loose, try a smaller band size and a larger cup size. For example, if you wear an 80C, try a bra in a 75D.

If the bra digs in at the bottom, your band size may be too small. Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? If you're not sure about your bra size or if you think your bra size may have changed, stop by your local lingerie boutique and ask a lingerie stylist for help. She can measure you professionally and help you find the right style and size for you.


Do your straps dig into your shoulders? Here’s what to do

Straps that dig into your shoulders and cause neck and back pain is a common complaint from women with a larger cup size. In most cases, the cause is a band with little to no support. Finding the right band size is the first step in ensuring the right support for larger breasts. This will also prevent you from wearing your straps too tight.

Make sure you choose a bra with a wider band. The narrower the band, the less support it provides. A narrow band that fastens with a single hook is fine for women with smaller breasts, but women with a larger cup size should opt for wider bands with more hooks – like PrimaDonna bras! A wide band is less likely to dig in at the back and is more flattering under clothes.

Are you having a problem with straps that won’t stay put? No worries, this is another common fit issue. You can adjust the fit by tightening the sliders on the strap. If you’re having trouble adjusting your fit to your shoulders or silhouette, stop by your local lingerie boutique. They would be happy to help you find the perfect bra. Life’s too short for bad, uncomfortable bras!