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6 styling tips for the beach

Got a sunny holiday booked? The ideal excuse to treat yourself to a new bikini or a fabulous swimsuit! But how do you choose the swimwear set that suits you? We have a few styling tips to help you.

1. Smart stripes make you look slimmer

There’s a reason why stripes are a swimwear classic. They are just perfect for making some parts of your figure look slimmer or emphasising your feminine form. The Pondicherry sets, for instance, in blue with white stripes of varying widths. That creates an even lighter, more youthful look. Sherry’s subtle stripes also have that light, slimline effect.


2. Go for colour

Take advantage of colour to bring out the best of you. Contrasting colours on the neckline or waist – like Pondicherry red piping – create a feminine silhouette. Dark colours – such as Sherry’s chic khaki – bring out the slimmer you. With deep-blue navy or a summer burgundy – check out Cocktail’s gorgeous colour! – you’re always good. These types of tint are softer than black, which means they really flatter paler skin types. 


3. Choose a versatile style

You want a bikini top that fits perfectly all day and does not leave you with pale stripes on your shoulders after sunbathing? Or a swimsuit that is just as well suited to swimming and sunbathing? Go for an adjustable style, like a bikini top with removable straps or decorative ties, a swimsuit you can roll up on the legs or bottoms with multiway ties. Super handy!

Tip: the Sherry and Pondicherry bandeau bikini tops with detachable straps or Cocktail’s hipster briefs with adjustable ties.


4. Select the right size

Relax on the beach or dive into the water without a worry – everything is much less stressful when your bikini or swimsuit fits perfectly. Don’t fall for a swimwear set that does not fit you like a glove. Ensure that your breasts are properly supported, the cups fit closely at the top and the seams and straps don't pinch. Need advice? A lingerie styling expert will be able to help you.


5. Play with accessories

Need to pull something on quick to fetch a drink from the bar? With a colourful caftan or a fun jumpsuit you look like a million dollars in seconds! Accessories like pareus and beach dresses also add colour and variation to your beach look. 


6. Shapewear at the pool

Prefer to keep your tummy under wraps? Try a loose-hanging tankini or combine a bikini top with bottoms worn a little higher on the waist. Or go for a swimsuit that keeps your waist and tummy in check.

Tip: Cocktail's tankini with frills or the figure-fixing swimsuit with elegant draping or Sherry’s silhouette-shaping swimsuit.

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