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Exercise more? 3 golden tips to fulfil your resolutions

After those fine words, are you now ready for action? Our three golden tips get you looking forward to your workout. We’re sure it won’t be long before you cannot get by without your weekly workout. Ready, set, go!

1. Give yourself something to look forward to

Everything is so much easier when you’re having fun. Finding it difficult to find the energy to get up off the sofa? Make a date with friends, put on some great-looking sportswear and suddenly an hour’s exercise is at the top of your wish list. Still need a shot of motivation? When you’re done, reward yourself with something you really enjoy. A drink with your friends, a wonderful hot bath or a lazy hour on the sofa with a good book or your favourite show.

2. Working out is me time

You might not have a competitive bone in your body or have any need whatsoever to prove your athletic prowess. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy an hour’s yoga, running or cycling. It’s not about winning, it’s about you feeling fitter, leaner and stronger. Plus: you’ll feel the weight of the world slide off your shoulders, even after a hectic workday. Sounds like the ultimate me time, if you ask us.

3. Make sure you have good gear

We just tend to have that little bit extra motivation when we have something nice to wear for our workout. And anyway, good trainers and a comfortable sports bra are essential to minimise aches and pains. If you take a large cup size, it’s even more important to wear a sports bra that gives adequate support to your breasts, not least to avoid tearing your breast tissue. Which is why PrimaDonna Sport bras come in flattering designs and gorgeous colours and give your breasts the very best support when you're working out. Extra plus: the breathing fabric wicks away your perspiration, prevents odious odours and feels oh so soft. So your workout is even more pleasurable!

Our sports bra tips

The Sweater, super deluxe sports bras in sweater grey with fluorescent edging. Wear them as a stylish sports top or under your PrimaDonna sportswear. Yoga, gym, running… this sports bra gives your breasts the very best support during your workout.

The Mesh, a set of sports bras with a trendy black and bright blue mesh look that fits like a dream. With or without padding. Wear as a sexy sports top or a trendy sports bra. Always the best support for women who take a large cup.


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