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150 years of lingerie for curvy ladies

If you follow us on social media or on the website, you will know already: this year we’re celebrating 150 years in the industry! That’s right, we’ve been making lingerie for curvy ladies for a century and a half. We celebrated that with ‘La mémoire de l’intime’, an exhibition covering 150 years of lingerie for women with large breasts, at no less a place than the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels: Want to know more? Review the highlights here – you might be surprised! 


Inventor of the bra

German corset maker Salomon Lindauer began the PrimaDonna story in 1865. He noticed that women with large breasts needed more support and devoted himself to improving the fit of his corsets. But it was Sigmund’s son who refined the corset into what we today recognise as the bra. Back then this was a new type of underwear that fit more comfortably and felt softer, but managed to give good support to large breasts. The Lindauer family firm continued to grow and became the market leader in large-cup bras that fit perfectly.

Knowhow meets fashion

Lingerie group Van de Velde acquired PrimaDonna in 1990 and set about regenerating the brand. Exciting colours, trendy designs, playful details: suddenly curvy women could look fantastic in stylish bras that fit like a dream. Ever since, two new PrimaDonna collections have been released every year, allowing women who take a large cup to keep up with the latest trends.

And did you know…? 

  • PrimaDonna Twist is PrimaDonna’s ‘little sister’. Launched in 2010, the brand releases collections featuring more padded cups, hipper styles and even cooler prints.
  • The figure-fixing corsets from 1865 helped inspire the latest shapewear. Fortunately the new generation of figure-fixing lingerie is more comfortable and fabulously sexy!

  • Breasts are getting larger… and our bra sizes too. Since 2013 PrimaDonna’s bras have given the very best support to breasts all the way up to a J cup. 

  • The latest edition to the PrimaDonna family, our swimwear collection, was first launched only last year. It’s already hard to imagine that we once set off for the beach without those trendy bikinis and swimsuits that fit so perfectly.

  • Some PrimaDonna bras are now popular across the globe. For instance, a Deauville bra is sold somewhere around the world every two minutes. And last year, in the United States Madison was voted the best bra bar none for women who take a large cup.

Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique in your neighbourhood to find the PrimaDonna set that ticks all your boxes.

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