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Our passion for the perfect fit

That perfect-fitting PrimaDonna bra is no coincidence, but the consequence of 150 years’ experience and months of research by a testing panel made up of real women.

That’s why your PrimaDonna bra is such a perfect fit

From the shoulder straps to the smallest piece of elastic: everything is perfect on your PrimaDonna bra. That’s no coincidence, but the consequence of 150 years’ experience, plus months of research and testing for every new bra, and a passion for the perfect fit. See for yourself in this video!

Your comfort, our passion

So why is the fit of your bra so important to us? Well, for us, the perfect fit is not a luxury but a basic comfort that every woman is entitled to. Because a bra that does not give your breasts the right support or pinches in some places is not only uncomfortable, it can also cause back and neck problems, headaches and other health issues. So it’s not just about your comfort, but your health, too.

18 months for a single bra

With that in mind, our designers are not only up to speed on the latest fashion trends, they are also experts in what makes a good-fitting bra. The trick is identifying the right style and support material; they develop this knowhow by testing, refining and retesting designs. We have a testing panel made up of 27 real ladies in various shapes and sizes. We refine the fit of our new bra based on their experiences. On average, it takes 18 months from the initial bra design to the start of production.

How we go about our work

Like to know how we arrive at the perfect fit after months of designing, testing and refining? See for yourself in this video!


Hurry along to your local specialty lingerie boutique to choose your favourite perfect-fitting PrimaDonna bra.

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