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Video: From inspiration to design

The PrimaDonna designers have been creating trendy lingerie in large cups for 150 years now. See where they get their inspiration from and how they turn their ideas into a sexy design.

From inspiration to design: how our designers work

Our designers draw inspiration for our lingerie collections from the big international fashion shows and everyday life, in Belgium and around the world. And it doesn’t stop there. Because at PrimaDonna we don’t make do with anything less than a perfect fit. It’s a long journey between inspiration and design: a quest for the best fit, the best fabrics and the best techniques. That’s how we make trendy lingerie that gives the very best support to your curves.

150 years of fashion and knowhow

PrimaDonna has been making lingerie that gives the very best support to big breasts for 150 years now. A perfect fit is the cornerstone of every series, but throughout that time the fashion aspect has become increasingly important. Lingerie no longer only comes in white, black or skin colour. Now fashionable colours and trendy styles are customary. So our PrimaDonna designers not only know how to design a bra that fits big breasts perfectly, they also follow the latest catwalk trends closely.

2015 AW collection: perfect fit, feminine look

The design team of Toon Geboers, Aurélie Courtois and Carole Lambert under the leadership of Liesbeth Van de Velde was responsible for the PrimaDonna autumn winter collection that recently hit specialty lingerie stores. They drew their inspiration from the major fashion shows in Milan and Paris, and went in search of the best fabrics and techniques to create the new collection. The central idea throughout the collection is perfectly fitting feminine designs with a contemporary, irresistible look. The latest collection has everything needed to be a big hit, with silky-soft colours and natty designs that bring out the intrinsic sexiness of your curves.

Delight: cherry on top

Delight is the cherry on PrimaDonna’s birthday cake, a series we designed especially to mark our 150th anniversary. Designer Toon Geboers explains how the series came about: “We wanted to make an anniversary series in which we brought together everything that PrimaDonna has represented for 150 years. A perfect fit and the best support for big breasts, soft but strong fabrics, a super fine finish and, naturally, that typical, incredibly feminine PrimaDonna look. To mark the occasion, we have given the sets a festive twist, with subtle sparkling Swarovski stones, fine embroidery in sexy black and luxurious accents in bronze and gold. The series is released as a limited edition and from November you will find it in the specialty lingerie store near you.”

Video: How our designers work

Interested to know where our designers get their inspiration from and how they set about their work? See for yourself in this film!


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