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This is the best curvy compliment Myla has ever received

What’s the nicest compliment you’ve ever received? We asked Myla Dalbesio, the face of our Ode to Curves campaign.


A compliment can make your day. Even if you’re a model who’s used to photo shoots almost every day. We asked Myla Dalbesio, the face of our Ode to Curves campaign, to tell us about the nicest compliment she has ever received.

Proud of your body

“I used to be fairly insecure about my body. That’s all behind me now, thankfully. I feel good about myself and I’m proud of my body. I don’t mind showing it off either, both in my work as a model and through my own Instagram account. I want to make women aware that it’s okay to be proud of your body. That you’re perfect as you are.”

The nicest compliment

“The nicest compliment another woman can pay me is to tell me that I have inspired her. That I have helped her feel proud of her own body by setting aside my own insecurities. For instance, someone recently told me that she had finally conquered her eating disorder after seeing my photos. They had led her to start loving her own body. That’s fantastic to hear.”

Get a compliment from Myla

There’s nothing better for your confidence than a compliment. It does have to be spontaneous, but there’s nothing to stop you from giving the other person a helping hand. By wearing your best lingerie set and smiling radiantly, for instance.

To celebrate World Compliment Day, PrimaDonna is not only handing out praise and admiration, we’re also giving away a super deluxe lingerie set. Enter our compliment competition to find out what type you are and receive a personal compliment from Myla and – you never know – maybe also a lingerie set that only increases the likelihood of curvy compliments.

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