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Myla talks about her favourite artists

Besides being a lingerie model and the face of our Ode to Curves campaign, Myla Dalbesio is also an artist. She makes sketches, takes photos and works on art performances, studying the traditional view ad the link to spirituality in nature. She tells us which artists most inspire her.

Art with flowers and fruit: Anya Gallaccio

“What so appeals to me in the work of Anya Gallaccio is the fact that she works almost exclusively with natural materials. The British artist uses a lot of fruit, vegetables or flowers to make huge tapestries. The interesting thing about that is that they often undergo a change during the exhibition. She once made a work of art with ten thousand roses, which of course started to wilt after a few days and dried out completely in the end. She did something similar with apples: she made a tree in bronze and hung real apples on it until they finally started to rot. She tells us something about change and transience, the effect time has on the world around us.”

(Source: Centre Pompidou-Metz.

Cuddly toys to video art: Mike Kelley

“Mike Kelley, who is no longer with us, is best known for his works with large quantities of cuddly toys and toys tied together, but he actually practised various art forms. He made used of various media: drawings, paintings, collages, video, sculptures, performances and installations, a little bit like I do. The cuddly toy works refer to his childhood memories and at the same time they are an attempt to break down the boundaries between high and low art. In his art he often presents a critical view of our visual culture and art production, and he likes to use humour. Nice little detail: Kelley also designed the cover for Sonic Youth’s Dirty album.”

(Source: Maison des Rêveries.

Myla’s own art: the female body in the leading role

The female body plays an important role in Myla’s own sketches and photos. For instance, she reproduces women’s bodies as they are presented in men’s magazines. Mostly they are shapes without a face, a paste-up of the ideal image of the woman. For Myla that image is not clearly defined, because the bodies she draws vary in terms of size and proportions. Women’s bodies also feature a lot in her photos and photo collages. “There's definitely a link between my fascination for women’s bodies and my work as a model,” she says. “They have something that inspires me. I don’t have that with men’s bodies. A woman’s body is wonderful to look at and work with.” 

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