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With your help, we managed to pay countless compliments on World Compliment Day

For all of the sweet PrimaDonna fans who shared their heartfelt compliments on World Compliment Day. It was a day filled with love from and for everyone. Thank you for celebrating this day with us. We've compiled a list of the best messages below. Get inspired and keep spreading the love!

From PrimaDonna, with love

To inspire you to pay as many compliments as possible, we posted some sweet messages on our Instagram account. Our followers tagged away to let their friends, mothers, and colleagues know how beautiful, funny, sweet, strong, and amazing they are. The video of Pascale Platel, Ini Massez, and Sabine Peeters was also widely discussed and shared. These three lovely ladies stepped up to the challenge along with many others.


The best compliments

We came across lots of lovely compliments on World Compliment Day and made a list of our favourites.

  • May I compliment you on the pure energy you give off? Your eyes just sparkle!
  • Your mischievous smile and radiance is disarming. Just looking at you makes me instantly happy and we don't even know each other!
  • Gorgeous with a lovely smile
  • Wow! Your eyes just sparkle...
  • You look absolutely stunning
  • What a beautiful photo. You look good!!!
  • So beautiful, strong, and inspiring. A strong attitude. It makes me so happy!
  • What a gorgeous superwoman you are!
  • I hope you know how brave, important, sparkling and wonderful you are.


In short, lots of positive vibes on World Compliment Day! We hope they continue to inspire for a long time to come. And remember: be kind to your curves and to others every day!

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