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It's all about the details

150 years of expertise in large-cup lingerie and an eye for the smallest details. That’s how we ensure your PrimaDonna bra fits perfectly.

This is the story behind your PrimaDonna bra…

How come your PrimaDonna bra is perfect down to every last detail? That’s got everything to do with PrimaDonna’s 150 years of expertise in large-cup lingerie. By putting together each bra with the greatest of care – largely by hand – we ensure that your PrimaDonna bra fits perfectly.

45 pieces, assembled by hand

If one piece of clothing needs to be perfect it’s your bra. And we’re not just talking about the fit. Every strip of fabric, every seam, must be right – even those that are tucked away from sight. With that in mind, assembly is largely done by hand. On average, a PrimaDonna bra is made up of around 45 different parts. Virtually all of them are assembled by hand, using no fewer than 32 different types of stitch. So you see, your PrimaDonna bra is actually a mini work of art, made with the utmost care and dedication.

Whatever it takes for your comfort

In the lingerie industry it’s all about the details – something we invest a lot of time and effort in. How can we ensure that the underwires never jab into the skin, your shoulder straps always fit comfortably and you don’t feel the fastening at the back? God is in the details. That’s why we fuse our shoulder straps rather than stitching them, we cover our underwires in three kinds of material they can never pierce and we add an extra piece of soft velvet where the fastener is to ensure it never ever chafes. As a result, you feel totally comfortable in your PrimaDonna bra, something that makes us very happy.  

Lingerie for real women

Our lingerie is made for real women with real curves who take a range of sizes. To be totally sure all of them experience the same high standard of comfort, our collection is tested extensively by… a group of real women who take a range of sizes. They ensure that the smallest chafing seam, the merest invisible pinprick is meticulously eliminated.

Take a look inside our studio

Like to see all that fastidious work with your own eyes? In this movie we take you into our studio.


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