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Did you know? These materials are in a sports bra!

A good sports bra is comfortable, supportive, fits like a dream, and is super stylish. Which materials tick all of these boxes? The ones used in PrimaDonna’s sports bras, of course! Our sports bras are made from ultra-performance materials with stunning colors and were specially designed for larger cup sizes. Curious about our unique and patented construction? Pssst…! Discover the perfect sweat-proof fabric.

Sports bra secrets revealed: Four materials for a good sports bra

PrimaDonna wants to pamper you with ultra-performance materials. The comfort of our bestselling sports bras will launch you into first place. Guaranteed!

  1. Our high-quality microfiber fabric has unique properties: It is breathable, moisture-absorbent, and fast-drying. The result? No excessive sweating and no feeling sticky.

  2. The brushed fabric is super-soft and breathable. Say goodbye to skin irritation while you work out!

  3. The special sports padding has a unique honeycomb structure for more breathability than a regular bra.

  4. The openwork seams are on the outside of the bra or cleverly integrated inside the bra. This is an absolute blessing for your skin, as it’s super-soft and prevents chafing.

Convinced? Of course! What’s your favorite sport? Do you love cycling? Or do you prefer hitting the trails? Take our test and discover the perfect sports bra for you!

PrimaDonna Sport the Sweater

Sports bra materials: Sweat control

When you exercise, you sweat. While it may not always be pleasant, it is perfectly normal. If you're looking for fabric that will make you sweat less, we recommend trying a PrimaDonna sports bra. The properties of our microfiber fabric prevent a common workout woe: A damp, sweaty bra. How?__ Our ultra-performance fabric is:

  • breathable
  • moisture-absorbent
  • fast-drying

PD SP The Sweater f3

PrimaDonna lingerie is stylish and modern. We deliberately use fresh, trendy colors for our lingerie and our sportswear. Our collection of sports bras, sports briefs, and workout leggings feature gorgeous color combinations that will make you shine during your next workout. Need advice? The lingerie experts at your local lingerie store would be happy to help.

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