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From the gym to the trails: Which sports bra should you choose?

When you move, your breasts move with you. Breast bounce isn’t exactly comfortable or flattering during a workout. Exercising without a sports bra is not an option, especially if you have a larger cup size. Love to hit the gym? Addicted to that runner’s high? Love to cycle? Your preferred sport determines the type of bounce your breasts endure. It also determines the type of sports bra you need. Which sports bra suits you best?

Gym rat: Which sports bra should you choose?

Gym sessions tend to involve a wide range of exercises. The different machines and weights offer a variety of dynamic movements, all of which have a different effect on your breasts. The result? Breasts that bounce in all directions. If you love cardio workouts, a medium-impact sports bra is perfect for you. If weight training is also part of your routine, a high-impact bra would be better.

Tip: Base your bra choice on your most intensive workout. When in doubt, go for a high-impact sports bra. Too much support isn’t bad, too little is. Discover the perfect PrimaDonna sports bra for you.

Avid runner: Which sports bra should you choose?

Are you a regular runner? Running calls for a high-impact sports bra with good support to keep bounce to an absolute minimum. Did you know there are five key criteria that a good sports bra should meet? PrimaDonna sports bras tick all of these boxes and were specifically designed for larger cup sizes. They are the perfect way to keep your breasts both healthy and perky. Stylish workout leggings are another sportswear must. After all, a great workout starts with a great outfit!

Cycling fanatic: Which sports bra should you choose?

Spinning also calls for a high-impact sports bra. It's ok if your bra initially feels rather snug, sometimes you need to adapt to the fit. Some sports bras squish your breasts together, which is why many women size up. Unfortunately, this makes the bra less effective and can cause chafing and discomfort while working out. We also advise against wearing a bra that's too small, as it can cause pain. PrimaDonna sports bras have a unique, patented construction that supports each breast individually in wonderfully soft and sturdy materials. The result is less bounce and a gorgeously feminine look. Now you're ready for your workout!

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Which sports bra suits you?

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