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Style and the perfect fit, now up to a K cup

PrimaDonna expands its lingerie sizes

Cup sizes I, J, and K are becoming much more common. In fact, the average cup size is going up and lingerie sizes are evolving along with it. With this in mind, PrimaDonna is expanding its range of sizes up to a K cup for Orlando and Deauville, two iconic series with a legendary fit. This is just one more way the lingerie brand is making good on its promise: To create on-trend lingerie with an incredible fit and unrivalled support for larger cup sizes.

How do you increase the cup size of a bra?

The first step is to keep in mind that the larger the cup size, the more important the fit. Larger breasts need optimal support. Creating a new bra size involves more than just releasing a bra in a bigger cup size. It's a long and technical process of finding the right material and ensuring the perfect fit and finish. This is the only way to guarantee the same stylish look and comfortable support in the K cup as the D cup.

Extensively tested and approved

To achieve the perfect fit, we listen to the needs and wishes of the women who wear our bras, from our customers to our very own fitting models. They extensively test each new style, series, and size until the fit is absolutely perfect.

“Does the center gore lie flat against the chest? Do the straps fit comfortably without pinching?’ Every detail is tested during the fitting process. Things you might not notice with smaller cup sizes could prove problematic for larger cup sizes. By having real women with different cup sizes try on each new style, I can filter out potential problems at an early stage. I regularly try on our new prototypes to make sure that women with larger breasts don’t have to choose between style or comfort.” Linde, pattern maker (and fitting model) at PrimaDonna

Better support and lift, more confidence

Our bras for larger cup sizes lift and center the breasts for an incredible fit. The cups are extra deep and lined with a fabric that offers excellent support. The straps are also sturdier than the ones on our smaller cup sizes. Comfort is a top priority as well. Our underwire is flexible, moves with the body, and is covered in three layers of fabric for a wonderfully soft and comfortable fit. And last but not lease, our K cup bras have the same stylish look as our bras in smaller cup sizes: An elegant design that flatters your figure and gives you an instant confidence boost!

“To me, lingerie is the foundation for everything: A good outfit and extra confidence. I used to wear lingerie that didn't fit well or wasn’t very elegant. But if you have a larger cup size, your breasts deserve extra attention. I wear beautiful lingerie every day that fits like a dream and makes me feel confident and feminine.’ Sabine Peeters, make-up artist and influencer

Available in stores as of mid-July

PrimaDonna's iconic Orlando and Deauville series, with their incredible fit and elegant, feminine design, will be available in a K cup soon. This is lingerie designed for women who love to feel comfortable and supported without compromising on style. Available in a lingerie boutique near you as of mid-July!

“Lingerie should be comfortable, feminine, and fun to wear. When you slip into lingerie that fits like a dream, you instantly feel better. You should wear lingerie for yourself, to make you feel good.” Mirthe, PrimaDonna fan