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Allt om BH-storlekar

Att hitta en behå som passar perfekt kan vara en utmaning för kvinnor med större kupstorlek. Fylligare bröst behöver stöd och en elegant, bekväm passform. När det gäller den tekniska konstruktionen måste allt vara perfekt, från passformen till tyget och banden. Helst ska bh:n också vara snygg och moderiktig. Det är mycket att begära, och därför har vi skapat en översikt på en sida för att hålla det hela enkelt.

Where to find gorgeous lingerie for larger cup sizes

Finding beautiful lingerie in a larger cup size can be a challenge. Most of the brands that cater to larger sizes are beige and boring. Those that do carry stylish sets are either uncomfortable or unavailable in your size. If this sounds familiar, we have good news for you. PrimaDonna designs stylish lingerie with a superior fit for women with a larger cup size.

Why cup sizes keep getting bigger

These days, more women of all ages wear a larger cup size. The average bra size has increased over the years and the sale of larger cup sizes is on the rise as well. Nevertheless, many women with larger breasts feel insecure about their bodies. There's no reason to feel self-conscious! In fact, you should be proud of your curves.

Every bra size has a sister size: This is how it works

Sister sizes: Every bra size has them. But what are they? And why is it important to know your sister size, especially if you have larger breasts? Our lingerie experts are happy to explain it to you.

Finding the right size is important, but how does bra sizing work?

Knowing how bra sizing works is extremely useful when shopping for a bra that highlights your assets. But how do cup sizes work? And what should you look for when shopping for a bra that is elegant and accentuates your curves? We explain how larger cup sizes work so you can shine with confidence in your new set!

Letar du efter en bh med utmärkt stöd för större kupstorlekar? Vi kombinerar komfort och stil!

En stöd-bh kan göra skillnad för kvinnor med större kupstorlek. Är du en av dem vet du vad det vill säga: En stöd-bh kan göra livet så mycket bättre och bekvämare. PrimaDonna har specialiserat sig på detta i mer än 150 år. Är du ute efter en stöd-bh som är bekväm och snygg? Låt oss berätta hur våra passformer erbjuder det bästa stödet i en snygg förpackning för dig med större byst!

French, European, or American bra sizing: What's the difference?

French, European, and American bra sizing: What's the difference? Your bra label has three different bra sizes: FR, EU, and US. Belgium uses both the French and the European size, but even these have differences. Confused? PrimaDonna will explain the wonderful world of clothing and lingerie sizes.

Why is it important to wear the right bra size?

Wearing the right bra size is the first step in finding the perfect bra. Your posture, confidence, and look: Everything can be boosted by a bra that fits like a dream. How do you know you're in the right size? And why is finding the right size even more important if you have larger breasts? A bra with the right fit can do wonders for your body and your look!

Everything you need to know about your first bra

Shopping for your first bra (or your daughter’s first bra) is quite a milestone. It's perfectly normal to have questions about the process and to feel a bit insecure about it. You may be wondering whether you even need a bra. The thought of going bra shopping or stepping into a lingerie store may feel intimidating. But rest assured: Wearing a bra is nothing to be ashamed of. Once you try on your first bra, you’ll quickly notice how confident it makes you feel, especially if it fits like a dream. This is something to be proud of and look forward to!

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