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The secret to invisible briefs

An important presentation. A first date. A gym session. Your wedding day! There are times when you really don't want your lingerie to show. But how do you find the right lingerie that's invisible under your outfit? Do you have to buy special underwear? Or is it about choosing the right color? And what about seamless lingerie? PrimaDonna has the answer to these frequently asked questions. In this blog post, we reveal our top three tips for picking invisible lingerie. Keep reading to find your favorite invisible briefs! 

Tip 1 – Invisible lingerie: Thong or hot pants 

If you love fitted clothes, a thong may be for you. Thongs are cut high in the back to reveal your bum. The result? A completely invisible fit under even the most fitted outfits. Admittedly, a thong can take some getting used to. A great alternative is hot pants! These fitted shorts are stylish, feminine, and trendy.  Discover the perfect PrimaDonna briefs for you. 

Our thongs & hotpants

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Tip 2 – Invisible lingerie: Experiment with color

If you’re not a fan of thongs or hot pants, focus on wearing the right color combination. Did you know red briefs are the ideal option under white pants? They're completely invisible. Lingerie in nude hues is a great choice under pretty much everything. To avoid visible lines, make sure your lingerie isn’t too tight. If you have questions, ask one of our lingerie stylists for help. 

Our invisible lingerie

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Tip 3 – Invisible lingerie: You can't go wrong with seamless

Seamless lingerie is... lingerie with no seams! You can't go wrong with this type of lingerie. It's completely invisible under even the most fitted outfits. PrimaDonna's seamless briefs

  • fit like a dream 

  • show off your curves 

  • are supremely comfortable 

  • are completely seamless 

Discover the beauty of PrimaDonna Perle or stun in PrimaDonna Divine. Don’t forget to try our seamless bras as well. They provide excellent support and a comfortable fit, even for larger cup sizes. 

Our seamless panties

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