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Bra problems and solutions

Bra problems – it’s something all women are confronted with eventually. An uncomfortable fit, straps that dig in or slip off, and a limited range of styles for larger cup sizes. These are just a few of the bra issues women face in the fitting room. With years of styling experience, our lingerie experts can help you find the perfect PrimaDonna set in the right size to prevent issues like underwire poke, quadriboob, and other bra woes.

Are you wearing the right bra size? Find out with our six tips!

Less than twenty percent of women wear the right bra size. A bra that fits well does wonders for your posture, your look, and your confidence, and saves you from uncomfortable fit issues. “What size bra do I wear?” is one of the most common questions we hear in our boutiques, so we figured it was high time to do something about. If you're wondering what your ideal bra size is, find out with these six steps below!

Asymmetrical breasts? Here’s how to find the perfect bra!

No one is perfectly symmetrical. In fact, breast asymmetry is completely normal. In fact, most women have uneven breasts. Are you happy with your curves? You should be! Prefer to minimize your asymmetry with the right lingerie? PrimaDonna has some tips and tricks.

Tired of your straps slipping off? Keep reading for our tips!

No matter how often you adjust them, your bra straps keep slipping off. When you sit down, grab something from the closet, eat, or drink... While it’s not painful, it can be infuriating. If you have a larger cup size, loose bra straps also mean you’re not getting the support you need, even though the back band does most of the heavy lifting in this respect. So why do straps slip off? And how do you get them to stay put? Keep reading for our tips.

The most common bra struggles for women with a larger cup size and how to solve them!

If you have bra issues like digging straps, poking underwire, and uncomfortable cups, you are not alone! Approximately 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and have fit issues as a result. These issues can become a real problem and can even lead to back problems and other complaints, especially for women with a larger cup size. Here's what you can do about it.

Why do breasts start to sag as you age... and why that's normal!

Sagging breasts are a common complaint, but loss of volume is perfectly normal as we age. At PrimaDonna, we never use the term ‘saggy’; instead, we like to refer to these breasts as relaxed. As lingerie experts specializing in larger cup sizes, we know that breasts come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of firmness. The key to a great fit is finding the right support. But why do breasts become less firm as we age? And what can a good bra with an excellent fit do for your body, your silhouette, and your posture? Allow us to explain.

How to tell when it's time for a new bra

Do you think it might be time to replace your favorite bra? Saying goodbye isn’t easy... especially to your favorite lingerie that fits like a dream. But even the perfect bra won’t last a lifetime. Bras are even more sensitive to wear and tear than other clothing items. Good lingerie tends to be worn often and washed often. So how do you know whether your bra needs replacing? Use our handy checklist to cull your lingerie drawer.

How to prevent cups from digging in

When your cups are too tight, your bra is not only uncomfortable – it’s also unflattering. Fortunately, this is an easy fit issue to fix. The dreaded ‘quadriboob’ is caused by a bra that’s too small. When a bra is too tight, the upper cups dig into the top of the breasts, which creates the illusion of four boobs (hence: quadriboob). PrimaDonna to the rescue!

How to prevent uncomfortable underwire

Is your underwire painful or uncomfortable? Then you're probably wearing the wrong bra size or style for your larger breasts. Is your bra causing underarm pain? Keep reading to find out what underwire does, why it can poke and pinch, and what you can do about it. Bye-bye, painful bra!

Help, my straps are digging in!

Help, my straps are digging in! Straps that dig in are a sign that your bra doesn't fit like it should. There’s something wrong with the size, the style, or the way the bra fits and shapes to your body. Learn how to solve this problem and prevent straps from digging in.

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