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High waist panties

High waist slips provide both comfort and a flattering fit, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Waist briefs are high waisted briefs that offer more coverage and support than traditional panties. They are ideal for women looking for a slim, streamlined look under tight clothing. The high waistband provides a smoothing effect around the midsection, reducing the appearance of bulges and creating a clean, elegant line. PrimaDonna's waist briefs are versatile enough for all occasions. They are perfect for everyday use, providing comfort and support under workwear or casual outfits. For special occasions such as weddings or parties, they provide an extra layer of confidence and ensure your outfit looks flawless.

Comfort meets elegance

At PrimaDonna, we understand the importance of comfortable underwear that doesn't sacrifice style. Our waist briefs are made with this philosophy in mind, ensuring a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. The collection offers:

Sophisticated design: from intricate lace to smooth, elegant fabrics, each piece is a blend of beauty and comfort. Diverse color palette: choose from classic neutral tones or bold colors to match your personal style and mood.

Inclusive sizes of waist briefs for every body

Inclusivity is close to PrimaDonna's heart. Our waist briefs collection appeals to a wide range of sizes and includes every body type. We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her underwear. Our range spans a variety of sizes, ensuring there is the perfect fit for every figure.

Unsurpassed quality of waist briefs

PrimaDonna's waist briefs are more than just underwear; they are a fusion of fashion and function. They help to shape a flattering figure, boost self-confidence and offer unparalleled comfort. The meticulous design and high quality fabrics of the PrimaDonna collection guarantee durability and elegance, making these waist briefs a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

Discover the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and style with PrimaDonna's waist briefs. Experience the difference in quality and design that sets our collection apart. Make every day special with underwear that celebrates your body and enhances your wardrobe. If you're looking for more, we invite you to explore PrimaDonna's briefs collection and find the perfect briefs to suit your personal style and spirit.