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Where to find gorgeous lingerie for larger cup sizes

Why is most lingerie uncomfortable in larger sizes?

You get excited about a stunning set... until you try on the bra. The straps dig in, the cups are too tight, or there's a different fit issue that's all too common for women with a larger cup size. We understand your frustration. At PrimaDonna, we are experts in larger cup sizes. Most lingerie brands focus on smaller sizes and don't understand what women with larger breasts need. As a result, these bras don’t fit as comfortably or offer the right support. The back panel isn’t sturdy enough, the cups aren’t deep enough, and the straps dig into your shoulders. Suddenly, the set that looked so good on the rack is proving to be a nightmare to wear.

The perfect fit for larger cup sizes... but what about fashion?

Lingerie brands that cater to larger cup sizes know exactly what fuller breasts need. They have a comfortable fit, are made from strong fabrics, and have a sturdy band to guarantee the right support. In other words, they fit like a dream. Unfortunately, many of these bras look a bit dated. They have full-coverage cups, wide straps, and bland colors. You want the best of both worlds: Lingerie that fits like a dream and looks trendy and feminine.

Gorgeous lingerie with the perfect fit for larger cup sizes does exist

Did you know that PrimaDonna has designed lingerie for women with a larger cup size for more than 150 years? With our many years of experience, we can guarantee a perfect fit and superior comfort for larger breasts. We’ve thought about every detail: The cut, the fabric, the lining, the clasps, and the straps. We follow the latest lingerie trends and incorporate them into our new collections each season. In our PrimaDonna Lab we research new trends in lingerie for smaller cup sizes and translate these into wearable designs for larger breasts. Our collection ranges from trendy bralettes and triangle bras to lace sets, strapless bras, and feminine lingerie with unrivalled support for larger cup sizes. Our goal is to give curvy women a wide variety of styles and trends to choose from, all with an incredible fit. We want to make you feel good in the skin you're in! A larger cup size is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you should be proud of your body and your femininity and treat yourself to beautiful lingerie with an impeccable fit.

A legendary fit and always on-trend: Meet our style icons

Each season, we launch a new PrimaDonna collection inspired by the latest fashion trends, designed to give women with fuller breasts the support they deserve. All of our collections feature several style staples that return each season. Fans know why these iconic sets, many of which are available in several colors, are bestsellers. They offer a legendary fit and a timeless look that never goes out of style. We regularly update these icons with a new color, a trendy print, or elegant embroidery. These are some of our all-time favorites:

PD - Blog - Waar mooie lingerie vinden - Deauville

PrimaDonna Deauville

An all-time classic that gives your breasts the support they deserve.

PD - Blog - Waar mooie lingerie vinden - I Do

PrimaDonna Twist I Do

Comfy lingerie featuring cool nineties lace and trendy colors. This series includes a stunning bralette with a comfortable fit for larger cup sizes. Goes great with low-cut backs and is a popular choice under wedding gowns.

PD - Blog - Waar mooie lingerie vinden - Madison

PrimaDonna Madison

Lingerie with a legion of fans thanks to the trendy checks, stretch lace, and legendary fit. Available this season in two-toned checks for a real power look!

Our all-time favorites

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