I do! Wedding checklist

Looking for a wedding checklist? First of all, congratulations! From now on you can look forward to planning your big day. PrimaDonna would love to help and has created the ultimate wedding to-do list and a handy checklist. You can check things off as you go and look forward to your big day with no worries! 

Use this checklist to plan your wedding

As soon as you've settled on a date, the real fun can start. This wedding checklist gives you an overview of things you absolutely can’t forget.

  • One year before your wedding day

This is time to pick a venue for your wedding ceremony and your reception. Many people choose a party hall because all of the necessary facilities are close at hand. However, you could also choose a different location where a party tent and catering are possible. Check whether your favorite DJ is available and hire a photographer to capture your big day.

Tip: While your immediate family, your witnesses, and your bridesmaids may know your wedding date, it’s a good idea to send a ‘save the date’ card to the rest of your guests at this point.

  • 11 months before your wedding day

Without a doubt the best item on this wedding checklist is shopping for your dream dress and matching lingerie. If you have a larger cup size, it’s important to choose a set that fits your dress and your body perfectly. When should you buy your wedding lingerie? Wait until you've found your dream dress. It’s a good idea to wear your new set under your dress to see how everything fits.

Are you looking for lingerie that fits like a dream under your dress and is also light, airy, and a just a little cheeky for your wedding night? Fortunately, bridal lingerie comes in a wide range of styles, so feel free to choose two sets. After all, you only get married once."

  • 7 to 10 months before your wedding day

Did you find the perfect dress and matching lingerie? Then it's time to add the finishing touches to your look. A good hair stylist and make-up artist will help you achieve a stunning bridal look, and the perfect pair of shoes and a gorgeous wedding bouquet add the final touches. Now that you’ve found your perfect wedding look, it's time for your bridesmaids to shop for their dresses and matching lingerie.

Use this time to find a graphic designer and a printer to create your invitations and menus. If you plan on having a gift registry, now’s the time to set it up so you can include this on your invitation. Alternatively, you could ask for a contribution to your honeymoon, which you can start planning now!

Tip: According to tradition, wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue on your wedding day will bring good luck. Add some borrowed jewelry and a blue garter to your wedding look and tie an old ribbon around your bouquet..."

  • About 6 months before your wedding day

From tattoos to paintings, there are countless alternatives to the traditional wedding ring these days. This is the time to decide how you will symbolize your love. Then you can plan the rest of the ceremony, including decorations and music. This is also a good time to finish your guest list and to discuss your menu with your caterer and perhaps even plan a tasting.

  • 2 to 3 months before your wedding day

Buy everything that’s left on your list, from thank-you gifts to candles to confetti. This is also the time to send your invitations.

Tip: To save on delivery costs, order all prints at once (e.g. invitations, menus, name plates, and thank-you cards).

  • 1 month to 1 week before the big day

Do a final check to make sure your suppliers are ready, let your caterer know how many guests are coming, and finalize your seating plan. Do a final dress fitting (don’t forget your lingerie!) to make sure everything still fits perfectly. "

  • The day before your wedding

Lay out your rings and your dress, pack your suitcase for your honeymoon (did you remember to buy a new bikini?), and have a relaxing day. Take a long bath, watch your favorite show on Netflix, and go to bed on time. Tomorrow is the big day... the day you finally get to say “I do!”