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Why seamless lingerie is the safest option

If you really want to shine in your wedding dress, it's important to wear the right lingerie underneath. You don’t want your bra strap to peek out or the seams of your briefs to be visible through your dress. If you're going for perfection, seamless lingerie is the safest and most comfortable option for larger cup sizes. PrimaDonna has gorgeous bridal lingerie with a comfortable fit and incredible support for larger cup sizes.

Seamless lingerie for larger cup sizes: Choose your favorite style

If you have a larger cup size, it’s important to find bridal lingerie that offers the right support. After all, you don’t want to be distracted by uncomfortable lingerie on your big day. Another benefit of seamless lingerie for larger cup sizes is that it won't show under your dress. Our seamless lingerie sets are not only super-comfy, they are also invisible under your gown.

PrimaDonna has a wide selection of seamless sets to choose from. You're sure to find one that fits your dream dress and your body.

  • A smooth balcony bra looks great under wedding dresses with a wide neckline. Feminine and sophisticated!

  • Looking for lingerie that creates an elegant silhouette under your wedding dress? A seamless body is perfect . Comfortable, feminine, and smooth under fitted dresses.

  • A bustier dress calls for a strapless bra, preferably one that is completely smooth. The PrimaDonna collection has plenty of seamless strapless bras to choose from that offer incredible lift up to a G cup.

Seamless bridal lingerie vs seamless underwear

At PrimaDonna we prefer to refer to our sets as ‘seamless bridal lingerie’, instead of ‘seamless underwear’. These sets are completely seamless and fit like a dream! They are also stylish and some even have intricate details and a bit of lace. Some of our bestsellers:

  • Feminine with checks and stretch lace Seamless and lace? Absolutely! The body in the Madison series has lace in all the right places: the upper cups and the bottom. Made from a stretch fabric for the perfect fit. The opaque checked fabric is comfortable and accentuates your feminine curves.

  • Smooth and delicate lace print A bustier dress can be a stunning bridal look, assuming you feel 100% confident wearing it. Our tip: Pair with the strapless bra from the PrimaDonna Divine series, with soft padded cups that create a lovely, rounded shape. This preformed strapless bra is available year-round in the color Venus, a feminine salmon-pink that is invisible under white clothing. The cups are smooth and seamless with a decorative lace print. They are invisible under clothing, including fitted fabrics. Small details make a big difference.

  • Smooth cups and trendy vintage-style lace on the back The balcony bra in our PrimaDonna Twist I Do series combines smooth, seamless cups with vintage-style lace on the back and the straps. Looks stunning with an open-back wedding dress. With feminine draping under the cups. Does not show under clothes and creates a romantic bridal look (perfect for your wedding day and wedding night).