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How do I choose a good sports bra?

If you have plans to work out soon, the first step is to buy a good sports bra that fits like a dream. Our designers and engineers partnered with the University of Portsmouth to create the ultimate sports bra for women with a larger cup size. The characteristics of a high-quality sports bra? We did the research for you.

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A good sports bra prevents pain and discomfort

Always wear a supportive sports bra when you work out, especially if you have larger breasts. If you wear a regular bra, you may experience:

  • neck and back pain
  • painful breasts
  • permanent damage to breast tissue
  • loss of firmness over time

Investing in high-quality sports lingerie is smart. It helps keep your body and your breasts healthy. They deserve it! PrimaDonna’s contemporary sports bras were specifically developed for women with a larger cup size.

Checklist for a good sports bra

When you exercise, you move. And your breasts? They move too, of course! That’s what makes a good sports bra so important. It provides crucial support during vigorous workouts. While you focus on getting that heart rate up, your sports bra will focus on your breasts! The five secrets of a good sports bra.

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  1. Wide straps: Extra-wide and soft straps provide more comfort and better support.
  2. Soft materials: Soft fabric is more comfortable and prevents chafing as you move.
  3. Light, breathable fabric: A good sports bra wicks away moisture, dries fast, and lets your skin breathe.
  4. Few seams or seamless: The less seams inside your sports bra, the less chafing you’ll experience during your workout.
  5. Individual support: The patented construction of PrimaDonna sports bras supports each breast individually and creates a lovely rounded shape. Say goodbye to flat breasts and hello to a gorgeous silhouette.

PrimaDonna has an eye for detail, but no two sports bras are alike. Your breasts move differently when you're biking than when you’re boxing or riding a horse. Don’t be afraid to ask our lingerie stylists for advice. They can help you find the perfect sports bra for you.